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Plantation 2004 Peru rum

Plantation 2004 Peru

Caribbean | Aged

7.8/10 (38 ratings)
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38 Plantation 2004 Peru ratings

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Posted 3 months ago by Neman3 from Canada with 77 ratings

You will fall in love with aftertaste
You need it more on the palate
You reject that from the nose

11+2 years old stuff. It's mature strong and eating you

Must try xor never be fun of Plantation rum


Posted 10 months ago by Florianhagemann from Peru with 83 ratings

Lindo color, no exageradamente oscuro.
Aroma muy agradable aunque podría ser algo mas intenso, plátano, caramelo, alcohólico al principio, luego de 5 minutos en copa doblemente agradable.
En boca mucho sabor, mucha vainilla, toffee. Nuevamente plátano. Dulzor decente. Un sabor intenso que perdura en paladar. Muy sabroso!


Posted over 1 year ago by Belmagnus from Sweden with 4 ratings

Lite spritig men helt ok, hemma hos farbror Göran............


Posted 10 days ago by Anders Ravn Jørgensen from Denmark with 119 ratings

Smagt på Romhattens romfestival i Århus august 2020. Rigtig god og positiv overrasket. 7,8 men vil ikke op og give den 8.


Posted 30 days ago by Nielf from Denmark with 144 ratings

Jeg smagte denne rom til Romhattens romfestival 2020. Den var okay.


Posted about 1 month ago by PineWood from Belgium with 14 ratings

Amber colour. Nose of toffee, banana, vanilla. The taste is strong, but the alcohol doesn't dominate (43,2%). There is some sweetness in the taste but it's not as cloying as in the Plantation XX anniversary but rather subtle. The finish is dry and makes me thing of a cognac, which is not surprising as this rum is finished in cognac cask. Highly recommended, I already bought a bottle of the new vintage 2006.


Posted about 2 months ago by Mr. Rumantic from Germany with 49 ratings

Der Plantation 2004 Old Reserva aus Peru durfte 12 Jahre in seinem Heimatland in Bourbon Fässern liegen bevor er noch einmal 2 Jahre in Frankreich, in Cognacfässern aus französischer Eiche, nach gelagert wurde. Der gold, gelbe Rum wird in den sehr ansprechenden typischen Plantation Flaschen mit 43, 5% Alkohol abgefüllt.

In der Nase ist der Plantation nicht aufdringlich. Bourbon Noten wie Vanille und Holz sind präsent. Etwas Schärfe ist dabei. Einmal geschwenkt habe ich den Rum ca. 10min stehen lassen. Die Schärfe wird weniger. Fruchtige leichte Noten sind dann ebenfalls wahrnehmbar.
Auf der Zunge ist der Rum direkt präsent. Holz verbindet sich mit Karamel. Eine leichte Süße ist dabei. Aber der Rum ist eher würzig, holzig mit Rauchnoten. Im Abgang ist er scharf und direkt. Am Limit unangenehm zu werden balanciert er die holzig rauchige Note mit der Schärfe. Der Nachklang ist nicht intensiv aber merkbar. Würzige Fassnoten bleiben zurück. Tatsächlich ist hier auch etwas Pfeffer und Lakritze wahrnehmbar. Ersteres aber deutlicher.

Der Plantation aus Peru ist für knapp 40 Euro ein guter Rum mit sehr eigenem Charakter. Er wird aber nicht jedem schmecken, besonders wenn man es süß und mild mag. Einsteigern würde ich raten den Rum erst einmal vor dem Kauf zu probieren.

The Plantation 2004 Old Reserva from Peru was allowed to lie in bourbon barrels in his home country for 12 years before being stored for another two years in France, in french oak cognac barrels. The gold, yellow rum is bottled with 43.5% alcohol in the very appealing typical plantation bottles.

In the nose, the plantation is not intrusive. Bourbon notes such as vanilla and wood are present. There's a bit of sharpness. After one swung in the glass i let the rum rest for about 10min. The sharpness becomes less. Fruity light notes are then also perceptible. On the tongue, the rum is directly present. Wood combines with caramel. There's a slight sweetness. But the rum is rather spicy, woody with smoke notes. In the finish he is sharp and direct. At the limit to become uncomfortable, he balances the woody smoky note with the sharpness. The reverberation is not intense but noticeable. Spicy barrel notes remain. In fact, some pepper and liquorice is also noticeable here. But the first one is clearer.

The plantation from Peru is a good rum with a very own character for just under 40 euros. But it won't taste good to everyone, especially if you like it sweet and mild. As a beginner I would try a sample of this rum before buying it.


Posted 3 months ago by Paul from Australia with 118 ratings

this rum i paid heap 4 from the UK. Tasted identical to the 2006 but im glad that i tasted it thx


Posted 3 months ago by Richard from Sweden with 67 ratings

A nice balance between sweetness, oak and some burn, but feels a bit flat. Breathing helps a bit, but still too short aftertaste


Posted 3 months ago by je_farley from United States with 107 ratings

The nose has a cognac body to it that hides the burn in the tongue that is waiting. Interesting as a sipper but more burn than expected, nice but not really special. Mixed well with ginger ale but again nothing to set it apart.

Very drinkable but does not standout, there are better values out there for this price.