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Plantation XO 20th Anniversary rum

Plantation XO 20th Anniversary

Caribbean | Aged

Plantation XO 20th Anniversary rum is a combination of pot-stilled and column-stilled Barbadian rums that are initially aged in the Caribbean in ex-bourbon casks for 12-20 years. They are then transported to France for a second 12-18 months aging in small French oak casks.

The first bottle of Plantation XO 20th Anniversary was created for the head of Cognac Ferrand Estate Alexandre Gabriel to honor his 20th year running the company. This special gift has resulted in the bottling we see today.

8.6/10 (1146 ratings)
Now this is some good stuff


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1146 Plantation XO 20th Anniversary ratings

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62a13824437584e2b63e1ae0b1ab9a07.png?s=40& avatar

Posted about 1 year ago by Lapetos from Austria with 1 rating

This was my first Rum ever tasted and it's still my favourite.
smooth, lots of vanilla, caramel and sweet.

15c7f4c5caf9da98976ef316da0ae3ad.png?s=40& avatar

Posted about 1 year ago by Zane from Norway with 48 ratings

...And it was good! All I expected. Taste at Aku Aku in Oslo with mother of dragons!

B88208da9633c6dc666de8b86ccbd53d.png?s=40& avatar

Posted about 1 year ago by djtommie from Hungary with 6 ratings

I love the coconut flavor and it’s little smoky. Tipical dominican rum. Good choice. Very good value for money.

2944eed784426986a62e04a5a3b02248.png?s=40& avatar

Posted about 1 year ago by Tomog107 from United Kingdom with 10 ratings

Excellent rum at a good price point, probably the best before prices become stratospheric! Toffee, nuts, fruit, vanilla and milk chocolate malt.

F340ea9c38ed2960c5c94ac50eda2806.png?s=40& avatar

Posted about 1 year ago by Pirate from Sweden with 6 ratings

Fantastic rum. It will satisfy both beginners and more experienced rum sippers. Aging it a second time in cognac barrels gives it an extra dimension.

3e9ee371a27bff021bd3c9b0aecccbee.png?s=40& avatar

Posted about 1 year ago by Mark from United States with 1 rating

So far this is the smoothest and easiest to drink that I've had- And it's affordable.

7f120d7223d5c376818f09c50217a98c.png?s=40& avatar

Posted about 1 year ago by matbli from Poland with 11 ratings

After reading do mamy favorable reviews I was expecting much more. The alcohol notes are very strong. It's quite sweet and definetly burning. After the first alcoholic hit some more pleasant notes appear - vanilla, chocolate, spices.
Finish is short.
It's still not a bad rum but there are better ones in this price range.

2032fb7a8e9918290417b67e70cc5222.png?s=40& avatar

Posted about 1 year ago by Tony from United Kingdom with 13 ratings

I was recommended this by a few people and after trying it myself I find it a let down for the price. I drank it at room temp with 3 cubes of ice and even tried cold stones but wasn’t what I expected. Good to have in the cupboard but not the top end for the price.

268ebe0741a3608275d0bb6506c0d9de.png?s=40& avatar

Posted about 1 year ago by Chris from Switzerland with 4 ratings

It depends on the bottle!
The last one was not the same as now. A light sweetish uncomplicated rum with vanilla... I recommend it to try.

A164b169e2ce5a4f2faeaf91df06dadd.png?s=40& avatar

Posted about 1 year ago by roberto.azores from Portugal with 46 ratings

Very ballanced, smooth and pleasent.
Coconut on nose.
This is a good sipper.