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Plantation XO 20th Anniversary rum

Plantation XO 20th Anniversary rum is a combination of pot-stilled and column-stilled Barbadian rums that are initially aged in the Caribbean in ex-bourbon casks for 12-20 years. They are then transported to France for a second 12-18 months aging in small French oak casks.

The first bottle of Plantation XO 20th Anniversary was created for the head of Cognac Ferrand Estate Alexandre Gabriel to honor his 20th year running the company. This special gift has resulted in the bottling we see today.

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1097 Plantation XO 20th Anniversary ratings

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Posted about 1 year ago by Kaleva from Finland with 3 ratings

Nice sweet summer rum, light and pleasant, but a little bit too sweet as for me. Nice notes of coconut and tropical fruits beautifully combined with gentle oakiness. A good sipping choice.

Tasting notes:

Nose: Light, creamy, coconut notes, vanilla, fruitiness (apricots, lychees), toffee, white chocolate

Palate: Sweet, hint of ginger, vanilla butterscotch, apricots, melon, a bit of oak

Finish: Short, sweet, slightly nutty and oaky, orange zest, coconut water

Posted over 4 years ago by IvoK from Czech Republic with 53 ratings

Maybe just too strong on the nose, but well balanced with the taste! One of the best Ive ever had. Also the bottle is fantastic. Very good choice!

Posted almost 5 years ago by Falcon91Wolvrn03 (PREMIUM) from United States with 424 ratings

This is a slightly flavored rum, as it has hints of coconut and vanilla. But the main flavor is the aged rum, and the hints of added flavor complement the aged rum perfectly, without overpowering it. It tastes wonderful. A good rum value; at only $64.99 from BevMo! (2015), it's better than a great number of more expensive rums I've tried. One of the best rums I've had, period!

Posted 5 months ago by Bishopjustice from United States with 2 ratings

This rum is just sweet enough with a straight ahead and complex flavor and aroma. I find myself
Craving this rum over all others though sometimes it can be a little overly sweet straight up. The oak and vanilla aromas really bring something special to this rum and the beautiful bottle takes the experience to the next level. Love it.

Posted almost 2 years ago by Rasmus from Denmark with 135 ratings

In this crazy world of rum it is easy to be misguided by the number printed on some of these bottles, so let this be said. This rum is not 20 years old, but that doesn´t mean that it is bad.

Nose: Caramel, vanilla and a hint of fried bananas
Taste: Thick and sweet with caramel, vanilla and a hint of orange peel. Short and thin aftertaste
Overall: This rum is on the sweeter side, but it still holds up well against other rums in that category. It fills the mouth, but leaves soon after swallowing, which hurts the rating a bit

Posted over 2 years ago by nichaos from Greece with 77 ratings

Τι να πρωτοπεί κανείς γι αυτό το αριστούργημα που θα το παρομοίαζα με "έργο τέχνης" (Υπερβολή) !!!!! Δε νομίζω ότι θα ήθελα να μπω σε διαδικασία ανάλυσης αρωμάτων, γευσης και επίγευσης !!!!!! Ειλικρινά, δεν υπάρχει λόγος να γράψεις γι αυτό το ρούμι !!!!!! Απλά, ΠΡΕΠΕΙ να το δοκιμάσεις !!!!
Επίσης θα πρέπει να αναφερθεί η πολύ καλή σχέση ποιότητας τιμής ....10 σε όλα

Posted almost 4 years ago by BigMarcus from United States with 8 ratings

This far, this rum is simply the BEST! At it's price point, presentation, color, nose, smoothness... It stands as a legitimate contender as among the best money can buy! This is a pure sipping rum that you should not dare water down. Maybe one ice cube just for temperature sake (I like my spirits on the cooler side). Creamy, vanilla, honey, nuts, fruit, it is all there. And just epic smooth!

Posted over 4 years ago by nomad from United States with 125 ratings

This is a nice rum for beginners. it hit a good spot on sweetness and vanilla. Beautiful bottle and overall presentation too. Wish it had been allowed to stand on its own without so much sugar though,

edited to add sugar test results- 29g

Posted almost 6 years ago by Andy from United Kingdom with 136 ratings

The first smell was amazing, sweet with molasses and brown sugar. The taste is similar, with a great drawn out and slightly spicy initial punch turning into a long sweet finish that's just the right amount of oil.

Posted 16 days ago by Therealdk from United States with 5 ratings

This is so fantastic I don’t know where to start. Initial taste I got heavy banana. After resting a little bit, a lot more caramel and vanilla comes through. Really a wonderful rum.

Posted 18 days ago by SveinMagnus from Norway with 21 ratings

This rum is in many ways a perfect sipping rum for regular days. Not too sweet but with a creamy dark caramel flavour with hints of spices. Not overly aromatic either, but highly balanced and with a super smooth mouth feel. Sure there are more interesting and perfect rums out there, but those also tend to cost a lot more.
For a good rum on the road, leave the Zacapa at home and bring this along instead!

Posted 29 days ago by DebiQue from Slovakia with 32 ratings

Pretty good. Nice color, very good taste and aroma. But I expected little more as this is supposed to be best of the Plantation.

Posted 4 months ago by drdjango from Germany with 2 ratings

the ratings are imo to high. some exotic fruits and a sugar finish. think sugar is added.

Posted 5 months ago by Mrum from United States with 11 ratings

My favorite Plantation to date. Solid sipping Rum!

Posted 5 months ago by timc from Belgium with 1 rating

It really is a great rum. As said below it doesn't give throat burn. Personally I notice a soft caramelly taste and a hint of vanilla but it's certainly not too sweet. I think it's worth the money !

Posted 6 months ago by Alexandra from Czech Republic with 6 ratings

Very fancy bottle with huge cap on top. Super balanced flavor in every aspect. Excellent price/performance ratio.

Posted 6 months ago by Kabi4 from Czech Republic with 13 ratings

Wow... unbelievable taste.... currently my No1.👍
Its like caress...
nice bottle is just add. cherry on the top
Thank you for this rum !

Posted 12 months ago by JGulla from United States with 7 ratings

This is close to perfection. A perfect marriage of a touch of sweetness with wonderful complexity and unique character. The color? Deserving of a place in the best Caribbean island sunsets. The aroma? Enticing in all the right ways.

The taste? It opens up with everything you expect from a premium sipping rum, and then goes on to top that by giving a light and pleasant toasted coconut flavor for miles and miles on the finish. This rum has the most finish and best mouthfeel I’ve had the pleasure of sipping this far.

While I have yet to find anything that is this delicious and unique yet, I gave it a 9 with hope that some of the really premium stuff out there I have not yet tried may still be better yet. Hard to imagine though.
This is tops and should be in every rum lovers collection. Hell, even if the rum was average, that bottle screams out pure rum awesomeness.

Posted about 1 year ago by Michael David from United States with 10 ratings

A smooth, sipping rum with a flavor that is more coconut forward than most. Still, sweet, delicious, and a great value!

Posted over 1 year ago by Jason from United States with 2 ratings

Plantation has a few really good bottles, but in my opinion this isn't one of them. As is the Plantation way, they have taken a rum, this time from Barbados, and added a lot of sugar. At the $40-$50 price, there are just far better rums ... Especially Barbados rums.

Posted over 1 year ago by Blasphemous Maximus from Canada with 2 ratings

Damn near perfect. One of the finest rums I've ever had the pleasure of enjoying, fantastic sipper. A wonderfully balanced rum with just the right amount of sweetness and thick caramel finish.

Posted over 1 year ago by rhumjesus from Canada with 31 ratings

So it's sweet vanilla banana with toasted coconut. That's what's up. And cane sugar 🤔
Way better than expected for some one who genert finds Barbados rumb bit dull.

Posted almost 2 years ago by Bart from Netherlands with 6 ratings

Tones of amandel and anijs. Sweet and fresh. Real tastebomb. Love it

Posted almost 2 years ago by Angel Sanchez from United States with 12 ratings

I wrote a much longer description but it kicked me off before I could submit it. Not doing that again. I will just say this... this is my new favorite rum and it will be hard to top for me. The perfect combination of complexity and hint of sweetness.

Posted over 2 years ago by PaulyD from United States with 1 rating

I picked up a bottle off of the reviews I saw on here and I have to say, they were spot on by giving this such a high rating! So after being a fine Scotch drinker for so many years and then being introduced to fine Rums from a buddy of mine, I’ve really come to appreciate the flavors in my drinks. I picked up Caramel, Vanilla, and it has a slight spice to it. The color is beautiful and there’s very little burn on the way down. I highly suggest trying it if you haven’t! This bottle was actually my gateway to Platantion Rums and I’ve been pretty impressed with all of them that I’ve tried to date for the money!