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Worthy Park Single Estate Reserve rum

Worthy Park Single Estate Reserve

Jamaica | Aged

7.7/10(37 ratings)
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37 Worthy Park Single Estate Reserve ratings

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Posted 4 months ago by OlliPhillips from United Kingdom with 3 ratings

My first time trying a Jamaican rum. At first I was unsure with the unusual (almost citrus) taste but I soon grew to love it. Not too sweet and good neat or on the rocks, would probably hold its own in a cocktail too!

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Posted 3 months ago by Mr. Rumantic from Germany with 84 ratings

Der Worthy Park Single Estate Reserva ist ein Melasse Blend aus Jamaika. Single Estate bedeutet dabei, dass alles Rund um dem 6-10 Jahre in Bourbon Eichenholz Fässern gelagerten Rum, in Eigenproduktion geschieht. Ohne Zusatz- oder Farbstoffe wird der Rum mit sehr angenehmen 45% Alkohol abgefüllt. Der Estergehalt ist nicht angegebenen.

Der Worthy Park ist in der Nase super fruchtig und typisch Jamaika sehr kräftig und intensiv. Es ist auch Klebstoff wahrnehmbar. Es überwiegt aber die Frucht. Banane, Ananas und mehr. Auch Holz und süße Noten schwingen mit. Aber die leicht dreckigen Fruchtnoten überwiegen. Ausreichend komplex um sich lange mit dem Nosing zu beschäftigen. Am Gaumen kommt dann die fruchtige Note sofort mit. Banane ist dabei schon dominant. Er ist aber auch süß mit Vanille und etwas Honig. Am Gaumen ist der Ester eher mild. Ganz leicht ist Tabak erkennbar. Der Abgang ist holzig mit Eiche und auch hier bleibt die Fruchtigkeit bestehen. Die Schärfe ist angenehm und bindet alles sehr schön.

Der Worthy Park ist super angenehm zu trinken und komplex ohne das er aber überfordert. Der Körper könnte minimal vollmundiger sein und zwischendurch wirkt er manchmal minimal zu wässrig. Aber das ist Kritik auf höchsten Niveau. Die Cask Strength Edition ist trotzdem auf meiner Merkliste. Ich bin sehr begeistert und für mich der klare Champion beim Wagemut Tasting. Und das für 40-50 Euro.

The Worthy Park Single Estate Reserva is a molasses blend from Jamaica. Single estate means that everything around the 6-10 years old rum stored in bourbon oak barrels, is done in-house. Without additives or dyes, the rum is bottled with very pleasant 45% alcohol. The ester content is not specified.

Worthy Park is super fruity in the nose and typical Jamaica very strong and intense. It is also adhesive perceptible. Banana, pineapple and more. Wood and sweet notes also resonate. But the slightly dirty fruit notes dominate. Complex enough to habe fun with nosing for a long time. On the palate, the fruity note comes to you immediately. Banana is dominant. But it is also sweet with vanilla and some honey. On the palate, the ester is rather mild. Tobacco is a little recognizable. The finish is woody with oak and here too the fruitiness remains. The sharpness is pleasant and binds everything very nicely.

Worthy Park is super pleasant to drink and complex without beeing overwhelming. The body could be a little more full-bodied and in between it sometimes appears minimally too watery. But this is criticism at the highest level. But because of that the Cask Strength Edition is now on my wishlist. I am very enthusiastic and for me the clear champion at the Wagemut Tasting. And all that for 40-50 Euro.


Posted 4 months ago by Tim from Canada with 67 ratings

One of the rare local liquor stores brought in a a few worthy park rums. This is a rock solid sipper that gives you all the pot still funkiness of an aged jamaican without the burn of an hogo bomb. Delicious


Posted 5 months ago by vomi1011 from Germany with 293 ratings

Very beautiful Worthy Park, directly from the distillery.
The nose is not very complex, but very tasty and bright. Grasy notes, orange and bananas are first in your nose. In the background is some anise and white oak. The balance is great with 45% abv.
It doesn't overwhelm beginners, but neither does it boring advanced conaisseurs.
After some weeks this rum develops also some pickled vegetable flavors (I love them, this reminds me of Fiji rums).

The taste is bright and fruity. A little bit watery start with grasy notes. Beautiful bananas as I expected with some oranges, good balance again. The body in more sweet and intensive. Got anise, caramel, orange and banana notes. At the end is some leather. Quite spicy finish. There is also some anise. Tasty WP, very good that this quality is an official release.
With more intensity or cask strength this one would be as good as Velier.
I would rate this rum 87 points. Very tasty.

Nose: banana, orange, grasy notes, herbs, some anise, white oak, wood varnish
Taste: grasy notes, banana, vanilla, orange, herbs, wood
Middle: caramel, orange, anise, bananas, white oak, grasy notes, leather
Finish: spice, orange, banana, anise, herbs, leather

Sweetness: 1.5/5
Fruits: 4/5
Spice: 4/5
Mildness: 2.5/5
Complexity: 3.5/5
Value (45€): 5/5


Posted 6 months ago by tesibaer from Germany with 12 ratings

On the nose: shoe polish or a slight note of glue (after a few minutes it will be gone), lots of sweetness, pineapple, sugar cane, tobacco, especially yellow plum, baked banana with cinnamon, fermented tropical fruits, raisins.

On the palate: spicy, alcoholic hot, especially ginger, baked banana, nutmeg and pepper.

Finish: spicy with pepper, some cocoa chips, some alcoholic heat, some rubber and polish, ripe pineapple, dry.

With a little water: chocolate in the nose and on the palate. Great stuff!!

In der Nase: Schuhpolitur und leichte Klebstoffnote (nach ein paar Minuten verflogen), viel Süße, Ananas, Zuckerrohr, Tabak, vor allem gelbe Pflaume, gebackene Banane mit Zimt, vergorene tropische Früchte, Rosinen. Am Gaumen: würzig, alkoholisch scharf, vor allem Ingwer, gebackene Banane, Muskatnuss und Pfeffer. Im Abgang: würzig mit Pfeffer, etwas Kakaosplitter, etwas alkoholische Schärfe, etwas Gummi und Politur, reife Ananas, trocken. Mit etwas Wasser auch Schokolade in der Nase und am Gaumen. Wow, der rockt!!


Posted 6 months ago by Docsarvis (PREMIUM) from United States with 200 ratings

This has some serious “funk”. But unlike Hampden it is balanced. Oak, banana and vanilla right up front. Also the fine strong bite. But is all in balance. It hits the pallet so smoothly revealing the molasses and some tobacco notes. Great body. It goes down as easy as water. So smooth with a very long lingering finish. Fine rum. Money well spent. This is what a Jamaican rum can and should be.


Posted 21 days ago by declan walker from United Kingdom with 13 ratings

Really lovely Rum, need some time in the glass to open up.

This really is an amazing rum for the value, bit of a whiskey drinkers rum perhaps as it's not too sweet. Very complex but nicely balanced, I keep going back to it as I discover new flavours with each glass.

Great dram.


Posted 27 days ago by Thomas19 from Netherlands with 3 ratings

Review after tasting one time will update!

Lovely nice dark rich brown sugar notes. With a almost raisin like taste, A rum to enjoy very slowly and in good company

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Posted 1 month ago by Jirka23689 (PREMIUM) from Czech Republic with 123 ratings

Ve vůni zejména banán a kokos a “jamaika”. V chuti trocha trochu banánu, jamajske lékárny a sladší a dlouhý závěr. Barva světlejší


Posted 3 months ago by Russ from United States with 98 ratings

I'm still learning to appreciate the funk that comes with Jamaican rum and Worthy Park is a great one that doesn't overpower you and let's you get your "training wheels" on before moving on to more funky offerings.

On the nose you get chocolate and cinnamon for sweetness but also hints of tea which is quite nice. The first taste you definitely feel the heat with ginger but it eases into something sweeter with more cinnamon and coconut. You also gets a very "woody" aftertaste but I mean that in the best possible way.

This has really worked its way into my regular rotation for nightly drams and am looking forward to trying more of Worthy Park's offerings.