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Medium plantation jamaica 2000 rum

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I had a chance to try out the Plantation Jamaica 2000 and 2001 back-to-back and they both have a very weird rubber smell to them. Maybe it's the Jamaica Glue which other reviews are referring to. It is offputting to start with and the taste test does not convince me either. There is surprisingly strong burn at the end, which the Plantation Jamaica 2001 did not have at all. Jamaica 2000 deserves a 5, and it's only marginally worse than the Jamaica 2001 which scores a low 6.

The tastes are not flavorful. The burn in the nose and harsh, bland taste is difficult to sift through. I took a chance on this and Trinidad 2001.. The latter was worth it, this was not. It'll probably just be used for a back up mixer or I'll store it and hope oxidation makes it taste better. I did have Mexican food prior to so maybe that played a part.. I'm reaching for straws at this point I know. Anywho if you already know Jamaican flavors of rum I say go for it, you might like it.. for me it's not a sipper and needs alot of additives to get me to grab it off my bar shelf

Διακριτικό άρωμα μπανάνας, τόσο γλυκό όσο πρέπει,σωστή ένταση στο αλκοόλ, ευχάριστο , γι αυτούς που έχουν δοκιμάσει κι άλλα .... απλά έχει γεύση Plantation λίγο πιο καπνιστή θα έλεγα και πιο έντονη από το 5αρι.
Δεν είχε όμως μακρυά επίγευση και πολύ δυνατή μύτη. ενώ (επειδή ήπιαμε όλο το μπουκάλι με τη μία) θα ενστερνιστώ την άποψη του Φίλου μου του Κώστα , ότι από ένα σημείο και μετά γίνεται βαρετό !!!!!! Δεν σε ενθουσιάζει ώστε να το "χλαπακιάσεις"..........7- θα έλεγα ....

Questo rum è una delusione, dopo aver assaggiato la complessita del Jamaica 2001 Old Reserve, questo 2000 Old Reserve sembra solamente alcool mischiato con zucchero senza nessuna emozone. Bevibile ma peccato che manca nel profumo che poi non si amalgama con il sapore.

Feel a lot of heat and I think its typical Jamaican rum

in germany we know the taste of jamaica as original rum. it is in all baked goods if it is coming with rum aroma. this plantation rum is pure jamaica. with a sweet kick. here you find the origin of rum with a full load of heavy aroma and taste. has a very long aftertaste.

I was excited to try this, typical Plantation presentation, great aromas, however the first taste was sharp and not what I was expecting. Whilst pondering why I felt let down the after taste kicked in and saved the day with its warm spicy fruit flavours to recover what was going to be disappointment. Nicely hidden.

Average sweetness with some alcohol harshness. Smell of ripe fruit. A full taste with oak, some coconut.

commentaire a venir

Egentlig dejlig rom med noter af eg og banan.
Men den taber lidt i eftersmagen, den holder ikke længe i munden.

My second rum from Plantation and I like this one too. Great taste with spicy finish.

Seems that it tastes like cognac - and very slightly sweet

I don't know what it is about this rum, but it just tastes plain. Wouldn't recommend it to a friend

Ikke så sød og rund, som jeg godt kan lide rom. Den er til gengæld lidt til den bitre sprittede side. Jeg vil tro at den mest minder om en mild whiskey.

Rhum assez soft et goutu a consommer sec. Plutôt intéressant.

Despite it's young age,its a very interesting rum, you feel the jamaican line in the nose, a little spicy,wooden,but the oak overwhelms in the nose,on the palate and even during the afterburn.It's a pity,as aromas of fruits and chocolate try to develop. If you like whisky,you will like it too,if you prefer sweeter,less woody rums,try another,like the 5yo Barbados from Plantation,not to mention the 12y which is the cream on the top

I can't drink this, it has a unbearable taste (refered to "Jamaican Glu" by Benito B which I tend to join on this matter)

Only get this one if you have aldready tasted it and appreciated it.

Great rim to mix but not my favorite to sipp. Unfortunately a little pricy for what you get.

has some unusual flavors going on but I can't stop thinking about this one. Good stuff

Alkohol: 42 %
Původ: Jamajka
Aroma: Ovocně likérová, mírně alkoholově štiplavá vůně, čokoláda s likérovou náplní, růže nebo podobné květinově nasládlé aroma. Poslední složka je lehce agresivní a rušivá, něco jako lékařský líh. (82 b)
Chuť: Chuť je naštěstí harmoničtější než vůně. Medově kožená s pralinkami, čokoláda. Štiplavější v dozvuku, zde není pochyb, že pijete rum, klasika. (85 b)
Body: 84
Shrnutí: Protentokrát poslední z ochutnaných Plantation rumů u josého. Mírné pihy na kráse, ale v celku dobrý rum.

Denne rom er ikke af den søde og nemme slags. Det er dog alligevel en super lækker rom. Der er sødme og frugt i duften. Smagen byder på rigtig power, hvor man ikke er i tvivl om at det her er en rom, der vil have at man ved at den er i munden.

Den er fantastisk, typisk jamaica rom. Er du til de søde rom, skal du nok lade denne være. Men er du ude efter noget nyt og spændende, så er det her værd at prøve.

Unfortunately, this one, like a lot jamaican rums, to me, also has this typical glue taste I don't like.

I love the Plantation rums and this is one of my favorites.

My favorite rum right now, don't ask me why... Tried it one day at a local bar. At first the kick was harsh, but then all this stuff started happening in my mouth, and in my brain... like fireworks going off everywhere... sweetest buzz in the world. There's probably tons better out there, but till I find it, I'm sticking with this one.