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14 Plantation Guadeloupe 1998 Single Cask ratings

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Very interesting Plantation, the only agricole Plantation I know of!
It has an incredible smell, smoked, leather, grassy anise and kind of feel like heavy aromas inside, like metal or fuel, not like a caroni but almost.

Was part of Rum Calendar 2016, did not like it at all.......

Eine Delikatesse und eine Klasse für sich.
Ein ganz spezieller Rum/Rhum, für den Mann sich einen Abend Zeit nehmen muss.
In der der Nase fruchtige Aromen.
Im Gaumen etwas kantig und eckig und nicht süss, aber genau das macht diesen Rum aus.
Er braucht seine Zeit um alle Seine Nuancen zu offenbaren, Früchte, dunkle Schokolade.
Im Abgang etwas "rauchig"
Ein Rum/Rhum für Liebhaber

A delicacy and a class of its own.
A very special Rum / Rhum, for which you have to take a evening time.
In the nose fruity aromas.
On the palate, slightly sharp and angular and not sweet, but that's what makes this rum.
He needs his time to reveal all his nuances, fruits, dark chocolate.
In the finish something "smoky"
A Rum / Rhum for lovers

Jemny hodne moc, neco tam je ale nevime co to je...

Although this rum gets high ratings from others I am slightly disappointed, maybe my expectations were too high. I like the Guadeloupe more than other Plantations, but it is still not my favourite rum.

I have been itching to try this rum for some time, but it's difficult to find and expensive. Net: loved it! It's a "ghost agricole", a "faux agricole" or some other adjective that would give agricoles a good name. Indeed this rum is made from 100% pressed Guadelupe sugar cane, distilled in a short-column still, and aged (for 11 years) in French oak barrels just as it needs to be to be called "Rhum Agricole". Differently, though, it gets another year of aging in used cognac barrels at Pierre Ferrand's facility in France. This is Plantation's signature technique that adds so much enjoyment to all their rums (though, in most cases, this secondary aging is for much shorter timeframes).

As you'd expect from a long-aged rum, you'll be tasting a lot of barrel here - hugely aromatic, vanilla and orange in the nose (some say chocolate!), deliciously-deep but not-too-sweet caramel with thick viscosity on the tongue, and a big long finish. And that secondary aging does a great job of balancing the vegetal notes attributable to the agricole style. Though "balanced" does not mean "dominates" - drinkers of high-end agricoles will appreciate this rum for the way it walks that fine line, staying true to the "brand" while strutting its own stuff.

A marvelous rum!

This a sweeter type Plantation - but not to sweet and it has the "body", alcohol and deepth that I'm looking for, This is so full of different tastes and certain the best I have tasted from Guadeloupe

Gooooddddddd ... like it. Sweet & smooth .

rhum agricole racé, plein de subtilité et équilibré. je ne me lasse pas de le re re decouvrir. ce serait un crime de ne pas le deguster sec, un de mes préféres. Tres bon rapport qualité prix (35eur) en Belgique.

One of the best i tasted.
Balanced, sweet, smooth,
Rare, if you put your hands on it,you are lucky. Quality rum finished in Tokay and Cognac casks,it is truly unique.

sweet smooth awesome

First: Why is this rum under "Aged" located?? This is a Rhum Agricole!

Second: A very good sipper, but mainly for me as degistiv - after dinner!

if you leave sweet sipping rums like Zacapa, or Diplomatico behind you and want to sip other good stuff then you may want to try out this Rhum Agricole. This rum is suprising me with it's nose a trace of anis and a wild flower-field in late april. The taste reflects simply the carribbean, notes of juicy apricot along with notes of brown sugar, bitter chocolate and a hint of leather. The aftertaste is longlasting, a bit spicy with a hint of dry fruits.

One of my favorite Plantations. You can taste a bit of the cane juice, but this is a nicely aged rum compared to most of the other French island rums.

The Guadeloupe 1998 is to me on of the best single cask rums from Plantation because of it's sweetness, but also its strength at the same time. You can find some vanilla and other spice notes in it!