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Plantation Barbados 5-Year rum

Plantation Barbados 5-Year rum is distilled from molasses and aged 5 years in bourbon casks before being transported to France for further 'finishing' in Cognac casks.

Plantation rum is owned by the French company Cognac Ferrand, which was founded in 1989 and produces wine, gin, and other spirits to sell in over 40 countries. The Plantation range includes 7 vintages from different Caribbean countries and 3 blends of multiple regions.

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343 Plantation Barbados 5-Year ratings

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Posted almost 3 years ago by Glen from United States with 50 ratings

Slightly sweet, especially coming out of Barbados, but that's the fun with the cognac process that makes Plantation. Decent for sipping, especially on ice. Tried it in a daiquiri but came out too sweet, even at 6-4-1. Is one of my go-to runs when buying as a gift.

Posted about 2 months ago by FD_Doolin from United States with 1 rating

A very good sipper for the price. Great entry level rum

Posted about 2 months ago by BvD25 from Netherlands with 6 ratings

This was my first Plantation rum and it is a surprisingly good sippable rum for its price!

Posted about 2 months ago by Jaydee01 from Germany with 25 ratings

Für den recht günstigen Preis und die vielen großen Brüder in der Plantation Familie war ich positiv überrascht. Vielleicht nicht der Mildeste, aber durchaus ein gelungener Rum.

Posted 2 months ago by Lucho2207 from Peru with 12 ratings

Una grata sorpresa, buen sabor con ligero dulce, se presta para tomarlo solo o con dos cubos de hielo. Buen ron en mi opinión.

Posted 2 months ago by JGiralt from United States with 42 ratings

Not too sweet. Nice grass, banana, and oak flavors.

Posted 2 months ago by J12kef from United Kingdom with 12 ratings

Another one to always have on the shelf, very good value for money. Oak, toffee and vanilla taste but beautifully entwined.

Posted at Restaurante El Velero 2 months ago by Pacorro from Spain with 40 ratings

Se nota que se dedicaba al coñac, tiene un montón de sabor y aunque se nota el alcohol no es duro.....desde luego no lo mezclaría y el precio también está muy bien 15'95€.

Posted 3 months ago by Andrew Lantz from Canada with 10 ratings

I found this rum to be overly sweet and syrupy when drunk neat.

It’s got a thick mouth feel, not ideal when drinking a rum.

This is best mixed and cut down with a splash of carbonated water.

Posted 3 months ago by WeSsert from Netherlands with 4 ratings

Cheeky little brother of the XO. If you dont want to pay to much for a rum.. please get this one! Its a sipper or you can use it as a mixer

Posted 3 months ago by coolkayaker from United States with 16 ratings

Best value I think. I can get a bottle for 21.99 and this is my daily supper. Smooth as smooth can be. Oh sooo buttery! The numbness on the tongue followed by a soothing warmth that never disappoints. I only drink this neat. For me, this is the best rum at this price point.
Go Pack Go!!!

Posted 3 months ago by Rob from Canada with 17 ratings

Rum ratings pulls through again. First time I've seen this in the local liquor store, checked the ratings on here and decided to give it a shot...a shot... Get it? Haha I'm hilarious.
Anywho, pretty easy sipper, has a bit of a burn but in a good way. Hint of sweetness. El Dorado 12 has been my go-to for a while but I do find it a bit sweet, this rum might be my next new favorite. Give it a shot!

Posted 3 months ago by LordImmaFord from United States with 13 ratings

Very aromatic that it almost makes you forget it's alcohol. Once you sip this bad boy however you'll forget that notion real quick. Great, affordable sipping rum. You can mix it but your ancestors will torpedo in their grave.

Posted 4 months ago by Pedro1987 from Portugal with 6 ratings

To match a Montecristo i chose this 5 years and it was an excelent surprise, with just a ice rock this Plantation was rich and tasty. More than a pretty face , despite the light color, i consider this rum very complete for the price.

Posted 4 months ago by JeffBuck from United States with 80 ratings

16 g/L is not the idea of a Barbados Rum. #savebarbadosrum

Posted 4 months ago by jackw625 from United States with 21 ratings

Very solid for the price. Smells much stronger then it really is. Wish it was a little more flavorful

Posted 4 months ago by Skyvie from United States with 30 ratings

Awesome non-spiced rum. Definitely worth drinking neat to appreciate the complexity of flavors it has to offer. My favorite "regular" rum. It's pretty affordable, too. Keep this one on your shelves!

Posted 4 months ago by Davetitus from United States with 7 ratings

Smooth for a 5 year. Reasonable price, good daily rum.

Posted 4 months ago by Isegal from Germany with 81 ratings

Actually one of two plantation that where disapointing. if you take it to mix it should be ok

Posted 4 months ago by Oleh from Ukraine with 4 ratings

It is definitely aged. You will notice it just from first sip. Sweet enough with taste of wood and flowers. Rich taste and smell. Just set 8 for its smell, really like it. Really good aftertaste.

Posted 4 months ago by FURBZ from United Kingdom with 12 ratings

For something aged for only 5 years it has more flavour than you'd expect. Not my greatest but definitely a good runner.

Posted 4 months ago by Rod from United States with 16 ratings

Rather pleasant and mellow rum. Good as a sipper or mixer.

Posted 4 months ago by Pompeysam123 from United Kingdom with 9 ratings

Had a great week and topped it off by picking up this little bottle of deliciousness, banana and pineapple undertone to it. Quite whiskey like I thought, nice warm aftertaste. One down now I can see a few more before the evenings out!

Posted 5 months ago by stonytokes from United States with 12 ratings

Maybe a little rugged for sipping, this is an exceptional mixer...probably my favorite mixer overall considering the value which pushes this towards an 8.

Posted 5 months ago by Robert from United States with 54 ratings

Slightly sweet vanilla flavor with a light alcohol burn. Great value for the price.