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Plantation Barbados 5-Year rum

Plantation Barbados 5-Year

Caribbean | Aged

Plantation Barbados 5-Year rum is distilled from molasses and aged 5 years in bourbon casks before being transported to France for further 'finishing' in Cognac casks.

Plantation rum is owned by the French company Cognac Ferrand, which was founded in 1989 and produces wine, gin, and other spirits to sell in over 40 countries. The Plantation range includes 7 vintages from different Caribbean countries and 3 blends of multiple regions.

7.2/10 (365 ratings)
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365 Plantation Barbados 5-Year ratings

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Posted over 4 years ago by Jack from United States with 27 ratings

This rum is darn good. For price you can't beat it. I prefer to sip Zacapa Solera, Diplomatico Reserva Exclusive and Rumson's Grand Reserve, but anytime I am looking for something good and at a value this is it. I recommend this and Rumson's Grand Reserve rum more than any other rum's out there. Plantation for great taste and value and Rumson's Grand Reserve as just the best sipper I have had.


Posted 6 months ago by Dave D from United States with 8 ratings

I find nothing at all wrong with this rum. It has minimal sugar. No Solera which people complain about. It doesn’t just taste like oak wood tea. It’s 40% which is fine. I’m not using it to strip paint. It’s finished off in France. I love cognac. It has a beautiful color, nose and palate. I love it. Even in the morning neat. Like now. I’ve had it in my Stok cold brew coffee and milk which is also fine. After trying American whiskeys, scotches, Irish whiskeys and other rums, this is at the moment top of my list.


Posted about 1 year ago by Hector from United States with 35 ratings

This was a pleasant surprise, An easy drink from start to finish whether neat or mixed. A great value


Posted about 1 year ago by Zoey from United States with 7 ratings

This is really good so far, it's so perfect for the price. Easly the best for the cost, I'm in love


Posted almost 2 years ago by Jason from United States with 68 ratings

I enjoy having this rum around when I want to sit back and relax with something I can enjoy. Very smooth with a solid flavor profile of sweet and spice. Great on the rocks and a great price.


Posted about 2 years ago by Martin Kennedy from Australia with 201 ratings

This is the original for Marks and Spencer's Bajan Estate XO i believe.. Light golden colour with a bit of bite and lovely tastes of banana , pineapple , coconut and spices. Plus the ever present caramel and vanilla.
Good sipper and great mixer..


Posted about 2 years ago by Marco Forlani from Italy with 20 ratings

It’s one of those rhum were the value to price rate is very good. It shows a wide range of flavours, mostly molasses and fruits, a great smoothness and a good equilibrium in sweetness. This is surprising for a 5yo rhum.


Posted about 2 years ago by Ronn from United States with 1 rating

First time trying this rum!! Very smooth and citrus y I am impressed for a rum that cost 25.00. I am no expert, but this is very enjoyable and looking forward to buying more!! I highly recommend this !!!!


Posted over 2 years ago by Ken from United States with 71 ratings

Agree with the other posters that this is a good sipping rum, especially for the price. A little sweet and not as mature and complex as some others that I prefer. When in a pinch, I would definitely go back to this. Nice packaging that does not try to over-hype the beverage inside. Will definitely seek out other rums from the maker.


Posted over 2 years ago by B.P.O. from Netherlands with 53 ratings

Color: light gold hugh
Smell: strong pineapple with a touch of oak
Taste: light and soft to start then complex and lingering flavor

If your introducting people to sipping rums, this would be a great start.


Posted over 3 years ago by Francois from France with 82 ratings

This is a dryer version of the 20th anniversary version.
I loved the 20th and really liked this one.
Some may even prefere it since it is less sweet. In anyway it is a great value for money.