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Plantation 3 Stars Artisanal rum

Plantation 3 Stars Artisanal

Caribbean | Light

7.2/10 (219 ratings)
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219 Plantation 3 Stars Artisanal ratings

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Posted over 3 years ago by Pascal from Canada with 187 ratings

Ce rhum goûte pas grand chose. Il est doux. Il faut dire que je ne suis pas amateur des rhum blanc. C,est pas un désastre mais je m 'attendais a un peu de complexité.

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Posted 9 months ago by TY from Austria with 47 ratings

Auf der trockenen Seite mit leichter Würze. Etwas alkoholisch, aber nicht scharf im Mund.

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Posted 9 months ago by rkralik89 from Austria with 21 ratings

Nicht so scharf, guter Geschmack, aber nicht so intensiv mit vielen Aromen. Könnte mehr Geschmacksvielfalt haben.

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Posted 9 months ago by RumSwede from Sweden with 12 ratings

Love this as a mixer in a Rum and Coke or even better when I do a Piña Colada. If you don't have, go buy it. You will not be disappointed

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Posted 10 months ago by Fio_Letta from Ukraine with 16 ratings

A wonderful aroma with notes of coffee and sugar. Soft but bittersweet taste. A great drink !

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Posted 10 months ago by PolyPop from United States with 1 rating

The natural vigor of the young rums gives an intense and flavorful spicy kick. Smoother than most "white" rums I've tried and presents a subtle sweetness as well as a tropical flare. The nosing and finish on this rum are also quite complex, resulting from the short Cognac cask aging. A great mixer for drinks where you're not looking to bury the spirits.

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Posted 12 months ago by Daan from Netherlands with 56 ratings

Bit like Havana club 3 years. Nothing special but good with cola and ice

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Posted 12 months ago by Nicoakr from France with 99 ratings

Interesting as a white rum, but it's not a true white rum in reality.
Easy to sip. Tastes flowery but lack length. Very short.

C81807f3d2171c5d2b3d42d48b8ff734.png?s=40& avatar

Posted 12 months ago by ShaneD from United States with 14 ratings

Tried this out recently as a replacement for Mount Gay Eclipse and I have to say it blows it out of the water. It has a great aroma and an enjoyable, satisfying, complex flavor that works perfectly in scorpion bowls. The color is a nice bonus as well, as it is less likely to contribute to the muddy color some tiki drinks can develop. This is an absolute bar staple for me now.

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Posted 12 months ago by Pacorro from Spain with 27 ratings

Personalmente, lo he dejado para mezclar, tiene bastante sabor pero no todo es el precio en un ron y aunque no pasó de los 10€, los hay bastante mejores a ese nivel.

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Posted about 1 year ago by Smovens from United States with 91 ratings

This rum is well balanced and approachable. It’s not as flavorful as an overproof jamaican, but it has at least some depth of flavor from the blend and is extremely smooth. Solid overall rum