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Medium pink pigeon original rum

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I had read a lot about this flavored rum...sort of a mixed back. Sounded like one I would like to try and finally found a bottle while in Jacksonville.

According to their website the rum is infused with Bourbon vanilla, citrus, and orchid petals.

Orchid petals?

Now that's a first.

The rum itself is a light straw color with an interesting vanilla extract type aroma. The flavor is heavy on the vanilla which I happen to like. It does have some sweetness that may indicate some sugaring. I cannot find a definitive answer to that. I do taste the vanilla...can't miss it...and there seems to be a citrus undertone but I have no idea of how orchid petals taste so if it's there I don't detect it. It comes in at a typical 80 proof (40% ABV) but does not have a burn. Instead it has a slow warmth that seems to take forever to fade leaving a very vanilla finish. This would make for a good sipping rum but if you really like vanilla flavoring. If not, use this in mixed drinks where I think it has its greatest strengths. This rum, with its emphasis on vanilla, might be an excellent choice for rum ball and for baking.

Some young lady approaches a bar. "Wow what is that? I wanna try that! Hmm vanilla! Thats soooooo good, I wanna drink this!" Shitty rum in an attractive bottle, thats all.

We spent an afternoon trying different rums and this was our favourite. It felt thick, had slight vanilla notes, was quite mellow and easy to drink

Extraordinary rum - lighter colour, full fruity and fresh smell and nice warming and complex taste with fruit and spices. Nice!

Un rhum divertissant : un nez très particulier mais une couleur en bouche très intéressante.
Je partais avec une certaine réticence : il parait que c est le rhum "tendance" servi en boite de nuit (parisienne).
Passé la bouteille au design superbe, le nez m a surpris (pas forcement en mal même si certains de mes amis m ont dit qu il sentait le médoc).
En bouche et bien c est vraiment pas désagréable !
C est sûr, ça tient plus de la chimie que de la tradition (vanille, caramel, agrume et même bois!) mais il faut avouer que ça passe bien quand même!
A conseiller donc pour son originalité et pour les "spécialistes" voulant être déroutés.

The rim quality was average at best. The whole marketing is a gimmick really. Over priced average stuff.

A vanilla ice cream tinge to a light flavour. An almost thick consistency yet easy to drink.

Distinctive. Vanilla. Not too many spiced rums that i like neat and in mixers but this is. 6.5

Un rhum avec un gout de vanille prononcé mais pas désagréable.

I tried this rum on Mauritius. Very nice rum, sweet vanilla punch... good rum for sipping.

After reading some average reviews, I didn't hold out much hope, but was pleasantly surprised that this was a nice drinkable rum straight.

Very nice rum. Light vanilla smell, complex taste, but think its for girls :)

Pink Pigeon has a pretty decent bottle design but very unattractive light amber color. The smell is exactly like a vanilla toothpaste would taste if it would exist. Maybe a vanilla flavored mouthwash is a close comparison point. Taste is overwhelming vanilla. Not a success by any measure.

I'm not keen on this, but it is different, I'll give it that. It has a vanilla flavour but not the strongest one. It does taste more of white chocolate than anything else. There's a small kick at the end, so I wouldn't call it smooth. It has a few flavours in it I can't quite place...rose and violet creams maybe?

It's kind of a more subtle version of Rolling Calf - not as smooth or spicey, but much more like a traditional rum.

On the other hand, it was a cloying sweetness that I don't like. I like sweet, but not this type of sweet. The St Aubin's Vanilla rum is much nicer.

When you put a drop of water in this, it calms the perfume down and is a little nicer.

De couleur très clair. Un nez vanille. Une attaque vanille, puis une grosse note d'alcool, mais l'ensemble reste bien rond.


Try with your girlfriends guys but alone I think it is just liquer

the authors probably spent more time on bottle design and story behind that rum, as on taste itself. Its simply not my cup of tea. strong in afterburn as well as very strong in added vanilla flavour.


Definite flavour or white chocolate. Really smooth sipper. Easy drinking.

netradicni rum, hodne aromaticky, ale jinak zadna slava

Un rhum originalà sortir pour surpendre vos amis, armateurs de rhum comme néophytes. Un nez particulier avec un côté médicament. Un trop très claire. Un rhum aromatisé à la vanille avec donc un goût assez prononcé de...... vanille. Personnellement j'apprécie d'en boire un verre de temps en temps après un repas entre amis. Bouteille stylisée, ce qui n'enlève rien.

Moreish rum but maybe a touch too sweet, suppose it depends on if you have a sweet tooth or not. The rum however is a pleasure to drink but I couldn't go through 3 or 4 measures I'm afraid. Lovely vanilla and banana tones with a hint of spice. Very indulgent and an after dinner delight I would have thought.

Matige drank. Vergeet bacardi breezer. Dit is de ideale fles om een een blowjob te versieren.

Deze elegante, mooie -ik geef het toe, redelijke vrouwelijke- fles brengt hoge verwachtingen met zich mee, jammer genoeg tempert de geur het enthousiasme volledig...

Deze rum lijkt me beter om in cocktails te gebruiken want zowel puur als met een traditionele 'coke zero' kan hij me niet bekoren. De venijnige vanillesmaak is niet lekker en de geur blijft me achtervolgen...

Een mooie zwarte fles die een lichte rum bevat.

De pink pigeon heeft een heel zoete vanillesmaak, voor mij persoonlijk net te veel. Hoewel ik graag spiced rum drink. Ook met cola blijft dit zo.