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Medium pampero  especial rum

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Ein guter Mix-Rum
Etwas stechender Alkohol in der Nase, jedoch auch fruchtige Nuancen.
Im Gaumen, na ja, Spiritus, leichtes Karamell, Trockenfrüchte.
Für leckere Drinks.

A good mix rum
Slightly pungent alcohol in the nose, but also fruity nuances.
In the palate, well, alcohol, light caramel, dry fruits.
For delicious drinks.

it mixes very well with Coke. I usually squeeze a half lime per drink to cut through the excess sweetness. Play some nice Latino dancing music and you are in heaven.

Strangely this rum is lower rated than I expected.


Suchý rum...příjemný a pitelný 😉 a za tu cenu.....

Well... not the worst neither the best... alcohol here is very perceivable

è forse il rum commerciale per eccellenza. Quasi imbevibile da solo per il pessimo bilanciamento alcolico, acquista senso con cola e ghiaccio. Improponibile.

Rum bez výraznější nasládlosti, do celkového hodnocení zohledněna i pořizovací cena.

This is my go to rum when I need something to drink when attending a party for example, then everybody drink some cheap whisky, vodka, and I am happy with my Pampero, and my heart is not broken when I have to leave some for the host when getting our od the party. Taste is not very rich, but it has vibes that I love - wooden flavour.

Definitly I will purchase it again and again in the future

Tastes are very subtle. It's a pure gold rum with not much flavour, but very little harsh alcohol burn either especially when compared to similarly priced rums. Being affordable and non-offensive means It's a good buy for mixing cocktails or for beach parties as another reviewer suggested.

OK sweet floral rum, a bit of ethanol showing on the background, not harsh.

Just wish i could get regular. I found this to be lovely. Little too sweet but otherwise nicely spiced. Was fine to drink neat. Anejo is what i had by the way... In case im reviewing the wrong one

Dolciastro in maniera stucchevole, al limite dell’imbevibile

Leggero e di buon aroma, di colore ambrato si presta come dopo cena

Given how much money you pay for a bottle of this rum, the taste is not bad at all for the very first sip. I spent the entire party-night drinking this rum and it got better and better with every glass end every sip. Drinkable unmixed but I can imagine enjoying Pampero together with coke. Hundred times better than equally expensive Captain Morgan. 65%

If you want to have a good time on the beach with your friends, get this rum with cola or fanta and lots of ice. You will enjoy the morning after 😎


Far too harsh to sip, its ok as a mixer but there are better value for money drinks.

4th edit: Although the bottle looked different, I tasted a rum with this name.
Nose: some toffee and lots of caramel, but also a bit artificial and strange.
Palate: slightly harsh and sharp, but honest and straight. It‘s simple and clear, not fancy, not complex, but ok. And very affordable! I‘ll add the picture from the manufacturer‘s website:


Spanish style rum from Venezuela which is great for cocktails. With it's spicy alcoholic taste it is sip'able but can't compete with more aged rums. Decently priced I love to use this rum in cocktails and prefer it over other similar rums like Appleton estate

Spicy, caramel, good taste. Perfect mixer with cola. That's it!

This rum is typical representative of average category. The taste doesn´t hurt, but it will not even excite,

In my opinion one of The best Cuba libre rum;) spicy with enough sweetness, nice carmel smell

Un clasico sudamericano... con personalidad definida que calla a cualquiera

I'll give it this - 3 layers do go on here. The smell is caramel-like and rummy. The taste is alchol, warmth and caramel and vanilla - a bit on the dry side. The finish is sweet. It leaves a slight trace of honey on your lips, which is very pleasant. Best with a single ice cube. At the lower end of something you can drink neat, but it's a good price, so no complaints.

Stesso discorso affrontato con l' havana 7, troppo scarno al palato con pochi gusti sechi, imbevibile liscio, ma nel mixed trova la sua giusta collocazione.

Of course this is not a "high-end rum". This being said, price quality it is certainly worth its money. This is the standard rum I have in my rum cabinet to mix with Coke. Pampero rum has a vanilla/caramel flavour, which fits very well with Coke.
Wait for a hot sunset in summer and make a good Cuba Libre with this rum and you will be surprised!