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Pampero Aniversario rum

Pampero Aniversario

Venezuela | Aged

Pampero Aniversario was first crafted in 1963 to commemorate the Pampero company’s 25th anniversary. The rum is a blend of rums ranging in maturity from four to six years and aged in whisky and bourbon barrels.

The Pampero distillery was founded by Alejandro Hernández of Venezuela in 1938. The brand is now a division of the world’s largest liquor holding company, Diageo.

350 ratings
Tasty, but not quite great


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350 Pampero Aniversario ratings

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Posted 2 months ago by Vince11881 from United States with 26 ratings

I am not a fan of this rum. But it’s not horrible. It’s tasty. Dry. But not complex in any way. One note monotony all the way through. It’s a rum note. It’s solid. But it’s boring and overpriced.


Posted over 3 years ago by Ian van de Mortel from Netherlands with 5 ratings

Pampero really nailed the presentation on this one. Lovely bottle and an amazing colour. A great sipping rum for those who dont like their rum really sweet.


Posted 4 years ago by Tom Traina from United States with 8 ratings

Great sipping rum. Not as rich as Diplo Reserva Exclusiva, but in the ballpark. Sweetness is subtle. A personal favorite to have with a flavored seltzer (usually lime or orange-vanilla).


Posted 4 years ago by jurator from Czech Republic with 37 ratings

Pampero Aniversario - like it for well balanced aroma and taste.


Posted over 4 years ago by Chet from United States with 192 ratings

Good tasting rum, good nose, mouth and finish. For the price it is what i would call a reasonable purchase. I like it with one rock or neat. No sweetness just plain ole man's rum. Arrrrrgg.. update as this has aged it has stepped up a level I like it and it is very enjoyable as it ages. Get us sum uh dat!


Posted over 4 years ago by Robert from United States with 1 rating

This is a delightfully dark sipping rum that has a great finish! I love the lite fruity and slightly vanilla taste. This rum equals or surpasses many higher priced rums. Definitely worth having on hand.


Posted almost 7 years ago by Svante Jørgensen from Denmark with 4 ratings

Most prominently in the taste is a leathery and bitter tobacco flavor with a touch of vanilla. This is masterfully balanced out with brown sugar. Although this rum is very refined, I prefer to mix high-end drinks with it, which I personally think makes better use of the bitter taste. So far my favorite drink with this is a classic Mojito.
If you drink it straight up, I find that its character is much improved when you let it rest in the glass for at least 5 minutes.


Posted 5 months ago by PaulH from Netherlands with 6 ratings

This was really nice sipper, goes well with a cigar, but more spicy than sweet - I personally enjoy a lick more sweetness in my rum, but this one is a very good choice!


Posted 7 months ago by BlueHeadLizard from United Kingdom with 2 ratings

Naughty Alcoholics bottle; short squat bottle easy to hide. Rich mahogany colour.
Pleasant alcohol burn at first, straight liquid not syrupy, woody tannine favour, slight vanilla, medium sweet fills whole mouth. Goes down very smooth ans leaves pepper and sweet flavour with mild alcohol burn. You want to do it again.

Neat or add no more than one ice cube or a dash of water. Any more takes the flavours away, so have not even tried as a mixer, would be a waste.

Excellent value sipper, perfect after dinner digestive. What you expect rum to be - as you drink an image of bright green sugar cane fields, hot blue sky and sugar cane mills come into your mind.

Moorish as tasty and goes down easy. Be careful he he.


Posted 8 months ago by Kazisvet from Slovakia with 26 ratings

Taký obyčajný ničím nevýrazný rum. Zradil by som ho medzi také tie, ktoré sí dám až keď sa minú všetky možnosti na pitie :)


Posted over 1 year ago by IBO from Slovakia with 159 ratings

Tento Venezuelský rum vám dá podstatne viac ako čakáte od 4 ročného rumu,ktorý sa dá zohnať pod 20EUR. Cena je až zarážajúca pri pohľade na nádherný obal,vkusnu fľašku a následne peknú vôňu a chuť. Rum sa na nič nehrá,je skôr suchsi,málinko tvrdšiu,no nie príliš. Záver mierne zahreje,no nájdete v ňom príjemnú dochut Sherry i nasladle tony. Výborná voľba a určite najlepšia v kategórii rumov do 20EUR. Skvelá voľba na začiatok pri spoznávaní sveta rumov.