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Pampero Aniversario rum

Pampero Aniversario was first crafted in 1963 to commemorate the Pampero company’s 25th anniversary. The rum is a blend of rums ranging in maturity from four to six years and aged in whisky and bourbon barrels.

The Pampero distillery was founded by Alejandro Hernández of Venezuela in 1938. The brand is now a division of the world’s largest liquor holding company, Diageo.

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298 Pampero Aniversario ratings

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Posted about 2 years ago by Michal Micko (PREMIUM) from Czech Republic with 251 ratings

Well ballanced, fruit and vanila tones, but weaker body and short aftertaste.

Posted 14 days ago by TempleOfSunset from Italy with 32 ratings

I think this venezuelan is very good at this price point, even if it’s almost surely additioned with caramel to confere its carachteristical brownwood/mahogany colour. That said, hints of tobacco, leather and vanilla are strong, and at this price point you can’t get much better, I guess. (Edit: I guess you can with a tenner more)

NB: added sugar as well, 15 g/l

Posted 22 days ago by Kodanik from Estonia with 5 ratings

Excellent packaging, but to much smell of alcohol at first.

Posted 24 days ago by Indian1 from Czech Republic with 10 ratings

Nice bottle. sweet, good taste but, smell is good, but in the tase is to much alcohol for me.
Good value for money

Posted 26 days ago by JohnyBazooka from Czech Republic with 46 ratings

Tento rum jsem si koupil už asi 6x. Pokud nemáte náladu na nějaké objevování nechcete utrácet hodně peněz tak toto jen rum na každou příležitost.

Vůně: vyvážená
Chuť: jemná, vyvážená
Opětovná koupě: ano
Cena: okolo 600,- Kč

Posted about 1 month ago by gerben de lange from Aruba with 15 ratings

had high expectations for this rum, and by all means it's not bad, but something about the after taste had me go "nope". my dad and brother shared the feeling, others might enjoy much whatever it is that bothers me.

Posted about 1 month ago by Tom Vlaic from Croatia with 6 ratings

I can certainly say this is not the kind of rum I prefer.
Too dry, too spicy and worstly - too strong black pepper aftertaste.

Also, the "leather" bag in which this rum is packaged looks really bad and cheap.

Posted about 1 month ago by Haz (PREMIUM) from Denmark with 20 ratings

Хороший ром по не дорогой цене. Не особо сладкий, слегка обжигает, но опять же за эту цену (26€ по скидке) вполне не плох.

Posted about 2 months ago by Pollux from Canada with 116 ratings

Bon rhum de dégustation. Reçu en cadeau d'un ami (Yves).Se boit seulou avec une glace.

Posted about 2 months ago by Jaydee01 from Germany with 25 ratings

Sehr mild auf der Zunge, schmeckt nach mehr :-) !!!

Posted about 2 months ago by ajlnunez from Netherlands with 1 rating

I like this rum as part of Venezuelan heritage. A bit strong on favors compared to others "reservas" in the market but with a smooth body.
Try with dry orange and a bit of ice and the fruity flavor will kick in.

Posted 2 months ago by Nathan French from United States with 20 ratings

Given to me by the widow of a collector friend. There will be many more reviews, sadly, that begin this way. But on to the rum. Caramel toffee, and dry. An excellent sipper. This is an old bottle (check label). The cork stopper split upon opening. Actually, I had to decant it.

Posted 2 months ago by Wilfred J Rum from Spain with 10 ratings

Me ha parecido un Ron que se deja beber muy bien. No tan fino como otros rones del país, aunque ese toque alcohólico para mí suma en vez de restar. Un olor maravilloso. Me parece un producto de buena calidad.

Posted 2 months ago by ELDOR from Mexico with 1 rating

Purchased in the Canaries for only 18euros, not too sweet, good zipping rum and very nice leather pouche that comes with it. It comes close to the Diplomatico reserca ex but you pay a lot less...

Posted 3 months ago by Juanlaginia from United States with 37 ratings

One of the original fancy rums before rum became fancy in Venezuela, well balanced flavor great in a cuba libre and still great to sip, nice presentation with the leather pouch.

Posted 3 months ago by Ilias from Greece with 2 ratings

Δαμάσκηνο, καμένη καραμέλα και σοκολάτα. Ένα πολύ νόστιμο ρούμι με ήπια γλυκύτητα και υπέροχο χρώμα που, όμως, δεν έχει μεγάλη επίγευση.

Posted 3 months ago by SKB97 from Denmark with 9 ratings

One of the first rums I enjoyed. It's not to sweet and tastes slightly as tobacco in a good way. Boring in the length and not something I'm gonna buy again, but it's great for beginners

Posted 4 months ago by peter75 from Netherlands with 13 ratings

Mooi rum. Heeft eerst een lekkere rokerige smaak met tonen van caramel en vanille. Heeft een lekkere afdronk.

Posted 4 months ago by begbeee from Slovakia with 5 ratings

The leather taste opens up immediately and it's a major note on my pallete along with a darkness of the liquid.
This rum is quite opposite in terms of sweetness to it's competition in it's price range - it's far from sweet. Leather, tobacco and maybe wood notes, makes this a good choice for go to everyday rum. You wont be bored, it's rich on pallete and it asks to be discovered again and again. Afterburn is quite harsh.

Posted 4 months ago by tortemd from Germany with 50 ratings

Mein Einstieg in die gehobeneren Rums. Fand ihn immer super lecker. Inzwischen weitaus bessere Rums gefunden.

Posted 4 months ago by Muro9919 from Slovakia with 7 ratings

Skvelí pomer cena / kvalita odporúčam každému na ľahké ochutnávanie

Posted 4 months ago by Isegal from Germany with 81 ratings

Thats probably the best low priced rum (22€), that you can drink pur.

Posted 4 months ago by Domstadtkerl from Germany with 37 ratings

The perfect entry into higher quality Premium Rums for any newcomer. For that kind of price you cant get anything better.
The Rum itself is tasty, heavy, not to sweet and makes you want to have more. Also good to mix cocktails with.

Posted 5 months ago by Mednieks66 from Australia with 1 rating

One of the smoothest runs around. Golden brown in colour rich malasis and spice aromas. Wonderfull full bodied complex pallet. Dark caramel spice with wonderful complexity . Perfect for sipping straight or one small ice cube will help it open up. Preferably from a large red wine glass so you can truly appreciate all those amazing aromas .

Posted 5 months ago by IBO from Slovakia with 97 ratings

Tento Venezuelský rum vám dá podstatne viac ako čakáte od 4 ročného rumu,ktorý sa dá zohnať pod 20EUR. Cena je až zarážajúca pri pohľade na nádherný obal,vkusnu fľašku a následne peknú vôňu a chuť. Rum sa na nič nehrá,je skôr suchsi,málinko tvrdšiu,no nie príliš. Záver mierne zahreje,no nájdete v ňom príjemnú dochut Sherry i nasladle tony. Výborná voľba a určite najlepšia v kategórii rumov do 20EUR. Skvelá voľba na začiatok pri spoznávaní sveta rumov.