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Pampero Aniversario Reserva Exclusiva rum

Pampero Aniversario Reserva Exclusiva

Venezuela | Aged

7.3/10 (356 ratings)
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356 Pampero Aniversario Reserva Exclusiva ratings

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Posted about 2 years ago by boyblueau from Australia with 47 ratings

This rum is interesting because it's just a bit too good to be used as a mixer and while it sips nicely it's not as good as other rums you can find for its price in Australia.

In America this is a great choice, the rum is much cheaper and this is well worth the price you pay there.

The packaging with the leather pouch is excellent.


Posted over 4 years ago by Loxias from Czech Republic with 162 ratings

Good reviews here a some good references from my friends made me to buy this rum. But it was big disappointment. It bites in the nose, bites on the tongue and bites in the throat. Maybe it is just bad bottle, ti would not be my first experience that one bottle tastes different than another. But for now i am not recommanding this rum.
Definitely not smooth with strong alcohol taste. More suitable on the rocks

Retasted: rate 4->5, but still unsatisfiing experience. This rum is not good, taste is just flat and bity.


Posted over 4 years ago by nomad from United States with 126 ratings

More bite than expected, but decent stuff. You're first greeted by a sharp alcohol smell, then a sweet aroma, and a large amount of oak. In the end, a great package for an OK rum.

Revisit- Still harsh, more smoke, 6

edited to add sugar test results- 12g


Posted about 23 hours ago by azeemx from Sweden with 1 rating

My father in law found this deep in his liquor cabinet after a nice dinner. It had been there for 15+ years. The cork broke when I tried to open it so we used a wine opener. Everyone who tried it likes it, even my mother in law who’s not a big liquor-drinker. Recommended.


Posted 7 days ago by Christian from Luxembourg with 7 ratings

This Pampero Aniversario comes in a leather sack, which is quite disturbing. But the content is excellent. A dark coloured rum full of nice flavours with a very long finish. A real sipper. Love it!


Posted 3 months ago by Lawson from United States with 62 ratings

It's one of my favorite inexpensive sippers. Nice mix of chocolate, nuts and caramel.


Posted 3 months ago by Docsarvis (PREMIUM) from United States with 124 ratings

This is available everywhere. I avoided it for a long time because of the leather bag. I want rum, not a goofy marketing pouch. It reminded me of Crown Royal and that insipid purple sack. Crown Royal has a great reputation and although drinkable is very mediocre Canadian Whiskey. Don't take my word for it, go buy a $20 bottle of Forty Creek barrel reserve and join the ranks of the enlightened! I was expecting this rum to be pretty lack luster, like Crown Royal. I was completely wrong . This truly has substance. A fine rum. Complex and smooth with a great smoky nose. Notes of coffee, raisins, spice and pepper. Wonderfully complex. Chewy, it coats the pallet. Great bite and outstanding finish. This is damn good rum. All I can say is LOSE the goofy genuine simulated leather pouch. Let the contents do the talking.


Posted 4 months ago by Spidey-P from Netherlands with 63 ratings

This Pampero is a rum you drink at moments you feel like needing alcohol in an average way. It is not bad but it isn't super either. For me it lacks a little bit more of sweetness to rate it a 7 or even higher.


Posted 10 months ago by Mujuru from United States with 51 ratings

This is a fun bottle to share with friends. It comes in a classic leather pouch which looks just cool as heck. The rum itself doesn’t quite live up to the expectation set by the presentation, but you can do worse. It is actually a decent sip. It has tobacco and strong oak tones but also carries a burn. Sometimes the oak and burn are a bit too strong for my liking but sometimes I am in the mood for that. It’s not Zafra level but it’s a great thing to grab for an evening with friends.

Nose: 8
Palate: 7
Aftertaste: 6
Smoothness: 7
Versatility: 8
Price: 7

Total: 7.1


Posted about 1 year ago by Scott from Sweden with 13 ratings

For me, price is a big factor when rating a rum. I expect more out of an expensive rum - a wow factor.
I can get this rum for a relatively good price and it is very nice. I was expecting a about a 6 or so when i bought this for the first time, but it is really nice for a "go to rum" and in my case and I can easily give it an 8, maybe even a 9.
If it is incredibly expensive where you live, then there are many rums that are as good or better, but in my case, I buy this all the time and happily drink it neat.
it's smooth and just a bit sweet - just how I like it.


Posted over 1 year ago by Rogier from Netherlands with 10 ratings

Thus rum comes in a leather pouch, which looks great. The taste is just sweet enough to my taste, but a bit short.