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Alegro XO 8-Year rum

Alegro XO 8-Year

Dominican Republic | Dark

7.4/10 (7 ratings)
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7 Alegro XO 8-Year ratings

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Posted about 2 months ago by Ngordon87 from United States with 34 ratings

Found on sale at Total Wine for $29.99 USD. Very smooth. Hint of vanilla and definitely oak flavors. Mild burn at the end. Sipped neat. Has a dark amber color which is interesting. Beautiful bottle to display as well.


Posted 3 months ago by Paul B (PREMIUM) from United States with 334 ratings

The designated name says that this rum is aged for 8 years. My bottle says that it was distilled from sugar cane and aged in oak barrels for "over 3 years". This makes it a minimally aged agricole from the Dominican Republic without having to adhere to the very strict rules for rhum agricoles from the French West Indies. Had this one been truly aged for 8 years as an agricole, it would taste too much like bourbon and not merit my initial high rating of 8.

And what a way to celebrate the long awaited opening of a Total Wine store near me! This is truly one of the smoothest rums that I have tried in a very long time, and probably no added sugar to boot. There is absolutely nothing offensive about it and it may climb higher in my ratings with time. It has already cracked into my top ten percent! Very well done and a very nice surprise for only $35. And for those who avoid agricoles due to their grassy taste, this one does not have that vegetal taste, so give it a try. Definitely no hint of molasses either.

And since this one is both a dark rum and an agricole, it will serve quite well as one of the two essential rums in a Mai Tai. Let your favorite Jamaican rum be the other one. In my case, this will be the Appleton 8-Year Reserve Blend. Once you get your two essential Mai Tai rums right, it is hard to go wrong when making Mai Tai's. I just don't care for the "required" orgeat syrup.


Posted 3 months ago by Herman (PREMIUM) from United States with 95 ratings

Picked up at Total Wine for around $34.99. The nose is light and pleasant. Nice reddish brown color. Light on the tongue, quite smooth, flavors of vanilla, with a smooth finish with slight burn. Nice rum for the price.


Posted 5 months ago by jemjem9999 (PREMIUM) from United States with 26 ratings

This is the second bottle I have enjoyed. Has a spicy finish with some warm and sweet beginning. Like I said its a good rum for the price.


Posted 10 months ago by Michael N from United States with 70 ratings

I found this bottle at a new liquor store that opened near me. This site had only 2 ratings on it so I thought I would give it a try. For a $30 bottle this was surprisingly good. It lacks a little depth and character but overall is a nice sipper. It would be a great introductory bottle to someone wanting to try rum without breaking the bank.


Posted about 1 year ago by Joola69 from United States with 2649 ratings

Rum tasting with my good friend in Vilnius continued with Ron Alegro XO. Unique square bottle and label design. Nice little cardboard box surrounds the bottle. Reddish mahogany color. Plenty of oak and mild vanilla to the nose and palate when neat sipped. Strong burn at the end. Better mixed than neat sipped.


Posted about 2 years ago by Elbert Bakker from Netherlands with 12 ratings

Nice nose, sweet saste, beautiful squire shape bottle. A true gem in my liquor cabinet