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7 Appleton Estate 15-Year ratings

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I was a bit disappointed when spending $70 Canadian. I did not find it much better than the 12 year. It is a bit dryer but the distinct Appleton flavour was not mellowed by the aging. I was hoping for something that did not smell so strongly of alcohol , even at 43%. The extra time did not help much.

Classic Jamaican sipper yes, but does it bring much more to the table than the Appleton 12???

Sugar estimated at 5 GPL. This rum has the traditional Appleton profile of oak and spice with some sweetness factor. However, just as Joola69 pointed out it has a strong alcohol aroma and is very dry. It starts out like other Appleton Rums but falls off quickly as it has a long afterburn from the alcohol factor. The "burn" is controlled and balanced but I found the rum is a bit harsh.
I didn't like it straight up as it is quite harsh, but it will make an okay but expensive mixer. Overall I would buy the Appleton 12 as has more flavour and is smoother.

This rum is great, very smooth and delicious. It didn’t last long at my place as it became my favourite of what I had in the rum cabinet. Sadly it was the last bottle at the liquor store that I bought it from. Highly recommend you try it if you can.

I like it , but the price is a bit steep. Special 12 year blend is better for the price

I had a few drinks of Appleton Estates 15y while vacationing in Oaxaca Mexico. Pretty decent bottle and label design but nothing unique from all other numerous Appleton Estates bottles. Surprisingly strong alcohol to the nose and palate for a 15y old rum. I guess this is made for the dry rum crowd.

Purchased a bottle of Appleton Estate 15 yr. Rum. Nose of sweetness such as caramel and vanilla. It's definitely a sweet full bodied rum. Upon tasting, I tasted hints of vanilla among other sweet flavors. Loved it. Too bad it's only available for a limited time.