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Foursquare 2005 12-Year rum

Foursquare 2005 12-Year

Barbados | Aged

59 ratings
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59 Foursquare 2005 12-Year ratings

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Posted 3 months ago by Immiketoo (PREMIUM) from Greece with 49 ratings

Foursquare 2005 is a solid rum, which goes without saying. However, it’s plain. Not bad, but it lack identifying characteristics except for oak.

Strong nose, sharply oaky on the palate and a long burn in the finish. Unremarkable to me in the company of it’s kin, but head and shoulders above many syrupy offerings from other brands.

This is an excellent entry for a whiskey drinker as it will surely tick all their boxes with the bonus of the sweet molasses finish.

Hard to find these days but still available if you look.


Posted 10 months ago by Anders Ravn Jørgensen from Denmark with 126 ratings

Puha der er power på her. Fin rom, lidt for tør til min smag men godt gang på alkoholen som gør den spændende


Posted 11 months ago by jandy from Czech Republic with 52 ratings

Nejlepsi s par kapkama vody, ale da se pit i v plny sile...


Posted 12 months ago by OEA from United States with 1 rating

I only drink aged liquor straight, therefore its enormous ABV prevents me from enjoying this rum, which otherwise has a nice balance of color and smell. I'm also concern about what an almost 60% of alcohol would do to your liver.


Posted 12 months ago by Krille_8000 from Sweden with 48 ratings

This one is a real treat. Adding a small piece of ice and it's literally exploding, vanilla, oak, caramel, cane sugar, chocolate perhaps tobacco. It strong in the end but after airing a bit this goes away. A perfect sipper.


Posted 1 year ago by Kaps_Gr from Greece with 3 ratings

An old school solid diamond! Full of taste. 59% but smooth to the end. Leaves you with an oaky aftertaste that lasts for long. Even a little expensive it woths every cent! In my opinion counts as the paradigm of cask strenght str8 rums.


Posted 1 year ago by Nathan Hevenstone (PREMIUM) from United States with 27 ratings

Ratings are relatively high for it, and descriptions are well within my palate, so I expected to like it a lot better than I did. Foursquare has a reputation for making high quality sipping rums, and it's a well-deserved reputation. But even the best distilleries can't be perfect.

I find it oddly syrupy. Premise (the first Foursquare rum I reviewed) was... thinner?... and I found it easier to drink because of that. I'm betting that's because of the additional aging in sherry casks, which 2005 did not benefit from.

You can definitely taste the bourbon-barrel aging, because it has that characteristic burn. And luckily, that burn disappears pretty quickly. But there's something in there that's just... a little too much.

I don't regret the purchase. Far from it... I'm glad to own it. It will be sipped until the bottle is empty. I don't hate it. I just don't like it as much as I thought I would.


Posted 1 year ago by JGiralt from United States with 84 ratings

A nice touch of heat on the backend. Ultra ultra smooth. Very well balanced.


Posted 1 year ago by Ole Christian Rønning from Norway with 9 ratings

Cask strength at 59%, and single barrel with no added sugar. Let it breethe for 5 minutes, and zip...heaven appears


Posted 1 year ago by Jan Normann from Denmark with 9 ratings

Her er en rom på 59% hvilket man mærker. Men med en fantastisk fylde


Posted 1 year ago by Mike Pooch from United States with 38 ratings

Richard Seale is known for producing the best Barbados rum in the world, this is why. Complex, peppery, brine? caramel nose. High ABV oaky, bourbon barrel aged with some chocolate, fruity flavors, dry but exceptionally smooth for the high ABV. No added sugar, this is a huge factor for where rum standards are headed. Now I also enjoy El Dorado 12, albeit with added sugar, but I still love it. I also love this and respect what Richard Seale is doing, Barbados is supposed the birthplace of rum and I generally only drink certain islands’ rum, Jamaican, Barbados, Demerara and Cuba/Puerto Rico. The history of rum is fascinating to me as a native of Florida, my heart belongs to the Caribbean and West Indies. This gets a 10 for many reasons but most of all the strength, rum is supposed to be strong and complex, I give high marks for pot still, and pot still is the true origin of rum. This is a combo of pot and column still, delightful!