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9 Foursquare Dominus ratings

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Possible rum perfection. For me, this is right up there with the Criterion, a personal favorite. Awash in cherries, plums, apricots, and dark wine too. The cognac is there, but not as dominant as 7 years would have you assume. Perfectly drinkable at 56% as well. I don't know how Foursquare does it; high percentage rum still being easily sippable is not easy to do, yet they have practically perfected it. 10+

It is one of the best Foursquares, but the cognac casks make it slightly uniform. Anyways, one of the best rums at all.

But not my favorite foursquare. Still, a master class in distilling.

Not my favorite but still a must buy if you can find a bottle.

Foursquare continues their exceptional cask series with Dominus and it's another great one. The nose is very inviting with hints of orange and other fruits. The first taste can be a little strong because of the 56% ABV but after adding a drop of water the taste of the bourbon and cognac casks really comes through and you begin to taste the complexity of the rum.

I've been trying to decide how this compares with some of their previous releases like the Port or Zinfandel casks but have just decided to enjoy each on their own merits and like the others this one is amazing!

Enjoyed a bottle of Foursquare Dominus 10y Rum while in London. Pretty decent bottle and label design. Golden color. 3 year aging in ex bourbon barrels and further 7 year aging in ex cognac barrels. Very unique flavor profile with mild oak mixed nicely with much more prevalent cognac flavors. Very well done indeed.


warm and round taste with a lot of Christmas spices, oak barrels, clear elements of cognac, orange peel, dark chocolate, marmalade and dark dried fruit. The taste is long and grows every time you taste.

Dominus (Exceptional Cask Selection Mark VII) is een blend van pot en column still distillaat die tien jaar gerijpt heeft in ex-bourbon vaten (3 jaar) en cognac vaten (7 jaar) en gebotteld is op 56%.
Zonder toegevoegde suiker, smaakversterkers of kleurstoffen.

Dit is een van de lekkerste Foursquare rum die ik tot nu toe geproeft heb. Aroma, smaak en afdronk zijn allemaal top.


One of three that Foursquare released in 2018 this is number seven in the Exceptional Cask Series. Bottled at 56% this has been aged for a total of 10 years. 3 years in ex-bourbon casks and 7 years in ex-cognac. Some indicates this follows the release of Criterian but I can't be sure about this.

Despite the higher abv this is deceptionally easy to drink. Rich, spicy. The finish is satisfying long. A drop of water does release some further notes of citrus and sweetness.