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Malecon 2003 Rare Proof 13-Year rum

Malecon 2003 Rare Proof 13-Year

Panama | Aged

7.6/10 (6 ratings)
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6 Malecon 2003 Rare Proof 13-Year ratings

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Posted 6 months ago by Stefan Persson (PREMIUM) from Sweden with 163 ratings

It’s the last in the “Rare Proof” series first batch for me to taste.
In nose it’s quite powerful with hints of fruit.
On the palate it’s fruity and orange is clearly recognizable. There is of course also some sweetness which is balanced with the quite high abv of 50,5%.
The final is quite long and I think I can recognize apricot.
As a summary I don’t think it reaches the same level as the 18yo and the 20yo, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad at all. Instead I think it’s another great one from Malecon.
Pictures: My opened bottle & My Malecon Rare Proof display.


Posted 9 months ago by Theruminspector from Sweden with 1 rating

Drinkers can expect notes of dark chocolate, toasted coconut, treacle tart, vanilla, tropical fruits, nutmeg, a little leather, dark oak, toasted nuts, mixed spice and banana bread.

The rum is bottled at a cask strength of 50.5% ABV, ensuring full intensity and thick mouthfeel.


Posted 1 year ago by Laufke from Sweden with 6 ratings

Strong and colourful with a lot of taste - my kind of Rum!


Posted over 1 year ago by James from United States with 29 ratings

I am not sure qhat to make of this one. The atart is a little on the hot side, which it shouldnt be at 100 proof. No burn, but definitely starts off with a head of steam.

Others have mentioned cocoa, i,can see that. Unsweetened that rolls into a nutmeg and cinnamon flavor with a heavy tobbaco finish.

Not an every day pour, but the uniqueness of the profile makea it very interesting,and non typical in my opinion.


Posted almost 2 years ago by Dan-Fix from Sweden with 113 ratings

Cocao in your mouth. The 50 % alcohol is perfect in this rum. Just enough sweetness. Liked it alot!


Posted over 2 years ago by martin jeppesen from Denmark with 240 ratings

High proof (50,5% vol), supposedly additive free rum at a very reasonoble price. The nose is teaming with spicy leather, cocoa powder, oak and perhaps a small dose of varnish, plums and cherries as well. On the palate I pick up a slightly surprising sweetness, akin to what you might get from a matured port wine, reminding me of ripe red fruits. The is followed by rounded leather, tobacco and cocoa, fading into a tingling aftertaste of oak, black pepper and nutmeg. The alcohol is well integrated.
I’m slightly suspious towards the sweetness. If no sugar has been added, the maturation might have taken place in “wet” barrels, perhaps previously containing port wine. Under any circumstance, not a bad glass and a good place to start if you feel like trying on higher proof sipping rum.