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Foursquare Premise 10-Year rum

Foursquare Premise 10-Year

Barbados | Aged

8.1/10 (63 ratings)
Now this is some good stuff


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63 Foursquare Premise 10-Year ratings

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Posted about 2 months ago by MXglenn from Belgium with 3 ratings

As a sherried whisky fan i had to try this and i was not dissapointed. Fruity, not too much oak. If this was a constant release i would buy this again and again. In my top 5 rums ever for sure.


Posted about 2 years ago by Russ from United States with 72 ratings

I loved everything about this bottle, starting with the nose that is both fruity and spicy. The first taste had a little more strength than I was expecting but it only added to the complexity of the rum. Taste of spice, fruit and wine all came shining through on subsequent tastes. This is easily one of Foursquare's best "sipping" rums. If I had anything negative to say is that it was a little more expensive than their previous "exceptional casks series" but I think that was more the liquor store's fault than the distillers. Trust me, if you can find a bottle buy it quickly!


Posted 5 months ago by IBO from Slovakia with 127 ratings

Nádherná farba rumu vo vkusnej fľaške. Prvý dojem nesklamal. V chuti cítit miernu liehovost,no v chuti už prakticky vôbec,nepovedal by som ani to,že tento rum má 46%. Je neskutočne vyladený,hladký a harmonický. Plno ovocných tónov a mňa drevitost. Odporúčam na začiatok všetkým,ktorí váhajú začať s rumami Foursquare. Dal by som mu 8,5 bodu


Posted 10 months ago by roberto.azores from Portugal with 47 ratings

Definitely my rum style.
Extremely smooth, oak flavor and easy to drink.
Very hard to find and expensive. You have to be lucky to buy at the right price.
The Doorly´s line is a good alternative, with similar quality and cheaper.


Posted 12 months ago by Chet from United States with 182 ratings

Nice rum, excellent mouth and finish. Enjoyed the true rum flavor, what i like about Foursquare is that they produce true rum with no after flavoring. This is a mans rum, very little sweet, hints of light and dark fruits. Has similarities to whiskey and tastes best neat.


Posted over 1 year ago by Capt. Rick from United States with 3 ratings

There hasn't been a Foursquare Rum I do not like. This one is one of the best sipping rums in my collection. From the first sip, it has that exceptional taste of spice, fruit, and wine. I love what Foursquare has brought to the table with this one and would recommend it over and again.


Posted almost 2 years ago by Charles M from United Kingdom with 132 ratings

Don't get me wrong, we are talking about the pinnacle of rums, and comparing against the Zinfandel 11yo and Port 9yo that I so loved. A good dollop of sherry both on the nose and in the mouth, but I can't help but think that it might be better at 43% rather than 46%. There is an ever so slight edge of alcohol to this one.

It's good, but no where near as appealing as the Zinfandel cask.

Having had the bottle open for a wee bit longer......the 46% is fine. However, I am used to the ZInfandel cask, and this rum lacks the natural sweetness that that one has. Its hard for this rum, seeing that it is being compared directly to the brilliant Zin cask. It is a brilliant rum in its own right, just not quite as good as Foursquare can do.


Posted 7 days ago by BingChen from Taiwan, Republic Of China with 15 ratings

Powerful bourbon aroma right in your face. The taste at first is not remarkable, unlike that the a upfront aroma but a short bit later it just explodes into sweetness (not sugar sweet) and leaves a delicious lingering ex sherry oak note. I want my own bottle now.


Posted 11 days ago by Florin from Romania with 23 ratings

O placere!!!!
in miros se simte taria , dar mai putin decat ma asteptam ceea ce e un plus; imi pare ca simt o aroma ca de codite de cirese ) ceva putin putin dulceag si condimentat , poate putina scortisoara si ceva piper

in gust taria isi face clar prezenta dar este cumva tinuta in frau la un nivel surprinzator avand in vedere ca vorbim de un rom de 46% ; isi pastreaza ca si in miros o tenta dulceaga ; se amesteca interesant caramelul destul de puternic cu ceva vanilie, ceva condimente dar nu la fel de pregnante ca in miros. e interesant cum se desfac aromele pe limba dar si constanta arsurii. la acest rom taria nu vine in valuri ci se pastreaza constanta fara sa devina suparatoare sau neplacuta , e ca un aspresor care arunca in acelasi timp alcool si arome ).
singura care creste in intensitate este aroma de cireasa care se imbina bine spre final cu aroma puternica de caramel si alcoolul ramanand in postgust aceea usoara tenta dulceaga si acel ciudat gust de cireasa. spun ciudat pentru ca e un gust lemnos , de la butoi evident, care ma duce cu gandul mai degraba la coditele de cireasa (cum simteam si in miros )

un rom cu adevarat savuros , gustos dar extrem de scump. l am comparat in mintea mea mult timp cu plantation 20 XO si sunt cam la acelasi nivel cu un mic plus poate catre acesta (premise) care nu are zahar adaugat .

am zis si de plantation 20 XO ca este scump dar in lupta cu premise diferenta de pret e mare si n as mai cumpara poate niciodata premise in detrimentul lui plantation .
Dar am fost incantat de cunostinta ))


Posted 12 days ago by attalal9 from Sweden with 14 ratings

Starting to become a Foursquare acolyte – there's simply nothing that comes out of that distillery I don't like. This is currently the favourite in the collection. Very easy to drink, softly sweet and lovely aftertaste.