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Medium old vatted demerara  ovd  rum

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20 Old Vatted Demerara (OVD) Dark ratings

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Great for rum and coke but can't say I've ever drink it straight. May try it some day.

Nothing special for the price of it... Lacks in flavour and any quality

A bit thin and volatile when drunk straight up or on ice. Best served with cola. About as good as Bacardi is to white rums.

being Scottish I had to try o.v.d it does have a strong smokey taste but is nice to drink.

A nice mixer, or on the rocks, but a little harsh and indistinct neat. I think as a demerara rum, it works well in cocktails too. A good one to have on the shelf!

Its very nice but when revisited the "cold coffee" tastes becomes a bit cloying

Wonderful scent of Demerara when opening the bottle. Deep dark colour with initial sweetness then alcohol and back to Demerara. Really like this drink straight and for a 40% this has a strong nature to it.

The rum one drinks in Scotland in the pub with a splash of Coke.

Being Scots, I truly wanted this to be a good tasting Rum. I found it to be the opposite, There are initial very subtle sweet flavours of caramel and sugar cane, but for me the aftertaste is a very strong unpleasant bitter and burnt taste, and when I say burnt, I mean cremated. The supermarket had Woods on special offer for the same price as a Litre of OVD. I went for quantity over quality.............. never again.

The first thing you notice when pouring a glass of Old Vatted Demerara rum is the amazingly deep dark color. Only the Black Tot color surpasses the OVD color, its that deep! The OVD is very mellow to the nose. Biggest disappointment is the taste. Its exactly like someone left a coffee cup steaming on the table, went to bed and drank the stake and cold coffee the next morning. OVD rum is very easy to find in UK and Scotland and comes off from most liquor stores for less than 20 quid.

Lehká, kávově kakaová vůně. Chuť opět jasná kávová stopa. Neštípe a celkově to není špatné.

Very rich chocolate flavours, OK to have one but would get sickly after that

Great rum for the money. Clean taste that doesnt excite you, nor bores you.

My first rum 30 odd years ago .classic rum great in coke guaranteed to get in most pubs.nothing fancy , old favourite

Not as rich as Wood's but I'd prefere it to the Skipper's. As mentioned by Eigon, it could be a bit stronger which maybe would give it some more profile. But it is a good smoky Demerara with molasses and full aroma. Very good in cocktails, medium sipper...

This is a very dark rum, and has a nice smooth taste it. You can get a real Demerara taste. I found this on Amazon only £15, so an excellent bargain.
Would recommend

Probably could be a 4, but as it is easy and soft, it is OK at best. Too treacly, too unsophisticated, too expensive for what it is, too short (flavour).I don't particularly like rum mixed, but am sure that this would make a good mixer. But it is soft and easy and inoffensive (damning with faint praise).

This is another good dark rum that wont break the bank. Very rich in treacle and caramel with a rich burnt sugar thickness to it. Great with cola, ginger, and with cream soda it tastes like a creme caramel desert. Of the dark rums I prefer however, this isn't one I would drink straight as it can be a little too bitter. overall not a bad dark rum.

Lovely stuff. What I usually go for. Smoky taste full of molasses, brown sugar and treacle. Lovely neat but best with cola.

Wiederum ein sehr schöner Rum um bei der Cocktailrunde mal einen anderen Rum aus dem Hut zu ziehen.