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The Funk White rum

The Funk White

United States | Light

8 ratings
Tasty, but not quite great


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8 The Funk White ratings

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Posted 6 months ago by Awesomedon from United States with 31 ratings

I don’t see myself grabbing the funk all that much. It is a great prices decently hogo rum that I do enjoy having in the collection.

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Posted 7 months ago by Paul B (PREMIUM) from United States with 411 ratings

I saw this one on the shelf at Total Wine today and it certainly caught my eye. I had never heard of it, but the description on the bottle and the low $20 price convinced me to bring it home. As long as it was nothing at all like W&N Overproof, I would be okay. This one is only 100 proof by comparison and both of these rums are white.

This one burns less than a 90 proof white rum that I also bought today. The hogo funk on this one is subdued compared to W&N Overproof or Smith & Cross. Hell, the Appleton 12 Year has more hogo funk than this one. This one behaves like a lady instead of a wild animal, but maybe after reviewing rums for almost three years, I have gotten used to all of these flavors and I can tell which ones are downright repulsive. This one is good enough to sip neat and would make fantastic cocktails.


Posted 9 months ago by sebastospud from United States with 16 ratings

This was delightful. Serious hogo with apple, banana, raisin, grass.... all a little past their prime, but in a really good way? Great sipping if you're ready to do some battle, and, man, what it does to a cocktail.


Posted 10 months ago by chuck from United States with 25 ratings

I agree with a previous review that it is "Reminiscent of both Hamilton Pot Still Jamaican and Doctor Bird." I use a little Doctor Bird mixed with other black rums if I don't have Hamilton Jamaican Black on hand. I will probably do the same with this rum. Mix just a little to add that funky Jamaican flavor to a cocktail.

On its own, it was very strong and knocked me off my feet. But I feel like that is kind of the point with this rum.


Posted over 1 year ago by Joola69 from United States with 2741 ratings

Rum tasting in New York City continued with The Funk Jamaican Rum. Old school bottle and label design. Clear color. Pure funk and plenty of glue to your nose and palate when neat sipped. Harsh burn at the end. I can't understand the folks who love these funk rums, but hey, everyone on their own.


Posted at Hale Pele almost 2 years ago by Engwild from United States with 153 ratings

Well as the name suggests it's very funky even by Jamaican standards, great as a mixer in daiquiris n such.


Posted 2 years ago by eddieo from United States with 95 ratings

Soooo good. 50% abv bring the heat and stays hot, the high esters accumulate perfectly right up in the nose, no additives from what I can detect, and easy to sip, easy to mix. It’ll add Jamaican life to whatever you’ve got going on. At the price point, this is your go-to on-hand white pot still Jamaican and an excellent foray into the nuances of the style for those curious enough to try high aldehyde and ester rums.


Posted 3 years ago by piratejabez from United States with 325 ratings

Proof and Wood's (whoever they are) "The Funk." 50% ABV. "Heavy Unaged Pot Still Rum" from St. Catherine, Jamaica, which means Worthy Park.

Glorious, big nose. Funky yet also deep and brooding. Reminiscent of both Hamilton Pot Still Jamaican and Doctor Bird. No astringency.

Palate: bananas, brine, cane. Wonderful mouthfeel. The strength is just right. Fantastic.

Not the funkiest rum out there, but still outstanding. Needs no aging. Probably great in cocktails, but I'm going to enjoy this one neat!

8-, 8