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Medium old brigand black label rum

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I love the R.L Seale line of rums, and Old Brigand is no exception. Yes it is an inexpensive rum, affording you to unfairly insinuate that this has to taste like paint thinner or should be used to remove nail polish. Neither is further from the truth as Seale, I don’t think, would do this to Rum clientele.
The smell is dominated by orange and cinnamon candies which albeit, has a pleasing smell. In the glass you get sweetness from the cinnamon and orange but also the heat provided by the said cinnamon, pepper and other warm spices, oak as well as the proverbial alcohol heat/ astringent at the back end This is in a good way however, as I don’t want you to feel like you are sucking on a Carolina Ghost pepper kind of extreme heat. It counterbalances the sweet and heat rather nicely.
This rum is the most popular rum in Barbados, not because of complexity or age statement but because it is only $15-$20 a bottle. Don’t let the small price tag fool you, this is an enjoyable rum to mix or even to enjoy neat.
Nothing fancy regarding the bottle design or label housing the dark amber rum inside however, sometimes you get lucky and find a genie in the bottle! This is one of those times, for me atleast...let’s Parlay...

Great spice rum for mixing or sipping. This is a blend of 10YO rums that runs dark and should replace kraken black anywhere it is found. Superb rum, especially for a blend - even more so considering price point.

Another excellent product from Seale and Foursquare. Hard to beat the $15 price tag. It's easy to find a good rum at 3-4 times that price, but it's a thrill to know one of my favorites is also so affordable.Thanks Total Wine and More . . .

This is a required in the cabinet rum, as it can be drank on ice, or in mixed drinks, as necessary. The taste is pretty mellow, not harsh, and mixed well . The color (Which can be faked) is a very nice dark brown, and is visually appealing- this can be important in a clear drink, or on the rocks. Hey, presentation is 50% of a sell.

Love this rum. With out question one of my favorite rums. Great tasting strong and smooth all at once.

A good daily rum for neat or mixing. Peppery notes prevail. It has a quick finish. Not a complex rum, but simple and not offensive. Dark amber color.

Old Brigand Black Label compares favorably to the other Barbados Rums. I like this one better Mt Gay Gold and Cockspur, but its not quite as good as Doorleys or the aged Mt Gay rums. Now I must say that I only paid $17 for a bottle, so for the price, this rum is a good value.

Nice flavour smooth but it is almost so light you can miss the rum. It almost needs to just be stronger in everything

This is a rum that could knock the local competition down a few notches. Foursquare needs to let this secret out the bag! The locals don't know about it! It's my favorite!

I was really impressed with the quality of this screw capped rum.

Just not a style I think I like. Harsh burn for me, lots of spice when I sipped with a bit of ice. Better with coke but kept striking me as a whiskey more than a rum.

Not gonna knock your socks off, but it is a good rum at an excellent price. Sweet, a touch hot, and a long finish.

sugar test-0

Barbados and Martinique seem to be the two locations for rums I tend to like. This one is no exception. This rum is blended by R.L. Seale & Co. so it has that quality backing.

The aroma in my snifter is nice although a bit subtle. Has a little alcohol astringency but not objectionable. It is a nice aroma. The color is a rich amber and swirling it in the glass reveals nice legs clinging to the sides of my snifter.

The flavor is nice on the outset. A little sweetness indicating it may be sugared a bit but not objectionably so (according to testing it is not sugared at all...I stand corrected...the sweetness detected is all natural). I detect some vanilla and toffee before a nice warmth envelopes the throat. It does have an oak undertone which makes me think this was aged in barrels of some sort although I cannot find anything definitive at this time. The best I can determine from various source is that this is a blend of rums from the R.L. Seale company.

This is a rum that kind of grows on you the more you sip it. It is a rather good rum best suited as a mixer in my opinion. The finish is nice and long leaving a toffee sweetness on the palate. Not a harsh burn but a lingering strong warming sensation. A good journeyman's rum. This would make a nice addition to a rum cabinet and the under $20 price that I got makes it a nice bargain.

It's a Seale rum, so you know it's at least drinkable, if not especially spectacular. Very spicy, and with an oddly thin mouthfeel. Not his best work, but the price is very low for what is, after all, pretty good rum. I like it neat, but I imagine you can ice it or mix it and still enjoy it.

BTW, the label on the back of the bottle says that this is "masculine" rum. I think that means you have to drink this stuff standing up......


I drink this on ice. Been goin through the entire Rum shelf at Total Wine and keep coming back to this. It's a hardy rum with character but smooth. Good in mixed drink, stands up to the sweetness. At $15 what do ya have to lose? The goods. Cheers!!

This is a good rum. It's not a premium rum but it is versatile. It can be sipped but it is at its best mixed in a cocktail or with a splash of gingerbeer and a twist of lime with some ice. It will put a smile on your face.

This is a flavorful rum for the money. A little harsh for drinking straight up, but goes down nicely with a few ice cubes.

I'm a big fan of Foursquare. The put out some great products. I have a bottle of Old Brigand Black Label in my collection, mostly for mixing. I leave the sipping up to the Doorly's XO and R.L. Seale. I like this in Painkillers.