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Ron Jungla Suau rum

Ron Jungla Suau

Spain | Dark

12 ratings
Tasty, but not quite great


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12 Ron Jungla Suau ratings

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Posted 3 years ago by Vincent Deruyck from Belgium with 1 rating

Made from premium Caribbean rum that has been matured for a second time in Bodegas Suau brandy barrels in Majorca.
Bottled at 40% abv. Ron Jungla has an aroma of dried grape, plum, toasted cocoa, and distilled cane sugar molasses, with a “balance of acidity and sweetness” on the palate.


Posted 1 year ago by plastre from Slovakia with 12 ratings

Smooth, dry, creamy in balanced way. I really like bottle of the rum.


Posted 8 months ago by František Pavelka from Czech Republic with 46 ratings

Vůně: rum vanilka, ovoce, hroznová, měkká, Snadné a dobré. Trochu koření ze sudu, vanilka a velmi jemné ovoce.. jednoduché a chutné.

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Posted 3 months ago by Trotinete from Romania with 44 ratings

Zuerst muss man ihn aber mal atmen lassen, gleich nachdem man die Flasche öffnet ist er fast geruchlos und ab 10 Minuten entfaltet er sein Aroma und nach 20 Minuten (wie ein Kollege bereits festgestellt hat) dann noch mehr....

Geruch nach Zuckerrohr, Vanille, ein wenig Rosinen, fein.
Geschmacklich am Anfang eine feine leichte Süße Zuckerrohr, Rosinen, Kakao, Salz..
Im Abgang kommt noch die Holznote dazu und er ist (fast) trocken, mit ein wenig Alkohol, brennt nicht, rund im Geschmack.

Fazit: Ein guter Tropfen, ein Rum der so schmeckt wie man es (ich) von einem Rum erwartet, ein Rum für jeden Tag der Spaß macht pur getrunken zu werden. Nicht zu stark/ intensiv im Geschmack, ein leichter feiner Tropfen mit ausgewogenem Geschmack.

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Posted 3 months ago by Jirka23689 (PREMIUM) from Czech Republic with 151 ratings

Ve vůni vanilka, kakao a ovoce. V chuti cukr, vanilka. Celkove jemná chuť. Závěr prijemny, ale kratší.


Posted 1 year ago by drsunilbhalla from Canada with 4 ratings

Not the best but far from the worst
The bottle is a beautiful weight


Posted over 1 year ago by Regan from Canada with 75 ratings

A friend picked a bottle of this up for me and we popped the cork and tipped it back
On first impressions we both found that any review or palate profile of this rum was miss leading as the harsh oak hit first and we found lack of sweetness however not bad on the smoothness , we let the bottle breath for awhile and found the aroma and palate changed with only a short 20 minutes the sweetness came through in the nose and the flavour
Nice rum but let it breath to have the full potential of this bottle


Posted over 1 year ago by Ric Stryde from Canada with 9 ratings

While I find it hard to believe that the Cuban government would allow its rum to be sold by a foreign company, the label says Cuba and Mallorca, where it is aged in brandy barrels. It is a little alcoholy on the nose, but I also get firm notes of sugarcane, dried fruit and banana. It has a little burn going down, but it is balanced by an enjoyable sweetness. If you like your sipper served neat but with some bite, this is a good rum for you.

(Initially I gave this an 8, but lowered it to a 7 after a few samples. The alcohol smell and burn just does not go away as I’d like).


Posted over 1 year ago by Mike (PREMIUM) from Czech Republic with 145 ratings

Similiar profile witht Plantation XO but it is not that balanced and smooth. In mouth flavours of vanilla, caramel and wood. You can also really feel that ageing in brandy casks.

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Posted over 1 year ago by Earl Elliott from Canada with 202 ratings

Sugar: Estimated at 14 GPL. Decent Dominican rum with the usual caramel, vanilla, and light wood notes. Similar to the Plantation XO (aged in Cognac casks) I detected a bit of coconut or cocoa. This rum has been aged in Brandy casks and the brandy is certainly present in the aroma as well as the taste. I found the aroma a bit sharp at first but then it mellowed out. This has a long smooth burn which I attribute to the aging in Brandy casks. I am not a Brandy drinker and any Brandy that I have in the house is for cooking with, or in mixed drinks requiring Brandy. If you are a Bourbon drinker, you might enjoy this rum. This rum is a fairly harsh. For now it's a mixer or for my whisky drinking friends. Just too much alcohol on the nose.