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3 Koloa Kauai Reserve Three-Year Aged Hawaiian Rum ratings

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Starts a bit sweet and stays smooth with low bite. Flavors aren’t complex but an enjoyable drink from this distiller. My first drink of Hawaiian rum and wasn’t disappointed but not my ATB.

I REALLY love the Koloa rums. Their spiced rum is the best spiced rum I've ever had. Their dark rum is about the best dark I've ever had. Their coconut rum is about the best I've ever had. Their white rum is fabulous. Their coffee rum is the best I've ever had. So I was REALLY looking forward to their first aged rum!

But this kind of disappointed me. I realize this rum is only 3 years old, but it is overspiced, and I think they used the wrong spice. I'm not good at identifying spice, but this reminds me a lot of the Foursquare Spiced rum, which I'm also not a big fan of (though this is slightly better).

Smells and tastes of spice, mostly. I think they need to reset their aged rum to have a little less spice influence, or maybe choose a different spice. For now, I'll stick with all the other Koloa rums I mentioned above over this one, as those are absolutely fabulous.

Very smooth, but it doesn’t have a lot of other flavors to it (no vanilla, wood, etc). No residual sweetness either.