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Stolen Overproof rum

Stolen Overproof

New Zealand | Overproof

13 ratings
Tasty, but not quite great


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13 Stolen Overproof ratings

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Posted over 3 years ago by Cory Wid from United States with 87 ratings

I'm a lover of the Jamaican style. This rum surprised me, similarly to how Smith & Cross surprised me when I first tasted it. People who don't know and understand "hogo" often call the overwhelming aromas and tastes unpleasant or obnoxious, but for someone with an experienced nose and palate, they can be absolutely wonderful. Also, for those that really love a well-made Maita'i or Junglebird - they know you need the hogo if you want an incredible drink.
To me, it has a pungency of overripe and caramelized banana, pineapple, and mango. Spicy aftertaste, and truly "fruity" and complex, with a warm and somewhat buttery mouthfeel. This does very well in a good sipping glass, evolving over time (some water might help). I know for a fact it would be fantastic in a Maita'i, or Jungle-bird.
The original stolen "smoked" rum seemed really lame to me ("Stolen" brand seems a bit like a gimmick), but they really got this one right. The bush-league move would have been to water this down to 40 abv and try to sell it like that, as many other companies would do... There aren't many overproof Jamaican rums like this on the market, so I do, in fact, consider it a rare find. Highly recommended.


Posted over 3 years ago by RumGuy from United States with 22 ratings

it's 61%. Hampden Distillate. Half size bottle. Very flavorful and pungent rum. Not sure How "limited" it actually is but I would pick up a bottle an have a sip as well as trying it in a few cocktails. I don't know if I would go and buy a case like I have seen some do... but worth a try.

Just be aware this is not a New Zealand bottling. There are two distillers called Stolen which have been combined on this site. This one is from Chicago, Illinois.


Posted 6 months ago by gypsysb from United States with 23 ratings

Strong, alcohol taste to me. A bit of smoke but overpowered by the higher proof alcohol.

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Posted 7 months ago by Jimmy Cliff (PREMIUM) from United States with 321 ratings

Sorry just not my thing, interesting bottle and marketting but taste young and too much funk. Had it once not likely again.


Posted 8 months ago by vomi1011 from Germany with 387 ratings

This is a 6y old HLCF at 61.5%.

The nose is balanced but clearly high ester. Very fruity smell.
I get glue, pineapple, apples, prune, grasy notes, some wood, vanilla and some gum with earth.

The taste starts fruity with glue, pineapple, apples, grasy notes, vanilla and oak.
It's on the level of LROK Velier. In the middle I get sour notes of acid, pineapple, apple, honey, malt with grasy notes and vanilla. It's spicy of course.
The finish is very spicy with honey, apples, pineapple, vanilla and grasy notes. There are also some tannins and the tasty malt.
The aftertaste is also very good. I get the malt and pineapple with some honey.

Overall a good Hampden and very cheap for around 20$. I paid 39€ in Germany and I'm still satisfied.
I would rate that one with 87 points.

Nose: glue, pineapple, apple, prune, grasy notes, some oak, vanilla and gum, earth
Taste initial: glue, pineapple, apples, grasy notes, vanilla, oak
Middle: some acid, pineapple, apple, honey, malt with grasy notes, vanilla
Finish: spice, honey, apples, pineapple, vanilla, some grasy notes and tannins, malt
Aftertaste: malt, pineapple, honey, some oak and grasy notes

Sweetness: 2/5
Fruits: 4/5
Spice: 4/5
Mildness: 1.5/5
Complexity: 3.5/5
Value (20$ or 39€): 5/5 and 4.5/5


Posted 9 months ago by Eidolon (TASTING CLUB) from United States with 42 ratings

This is a hot rum with lots of hogo and banana flavors.


Posted 9 months ago by Awesomedon from United States with 32 ratings

I believe this is an LROK from Hampden for less than 20 bucks. I mean do I need to say anything else?


Posted 11 months ago by Smovens from United States with 103 ratings

Extremely high ester but with aging to add tons of nuance and complex flavors. Like a much better smith and cross. Insane for the price.


Posted over 1 year ago by tnoonan2013 from United States with 3 ratings

It’s like if you asked someone what they like it rum and they cranked those things up 10x without any nuance. Specifically pineapple, heat, and overall fruitiness


Posted over 2 years ago by Joola69 from United States with 2841 ratings

Had a bottle of Stolen Overproof Rum while vacationing in Sedona AZ. Boring bottle and label design. Glue, pure alcohol, funk and more alcohol to the nose and palate when neat sipped. Very strong and long burn at end. This is just another Jamaican glue and funk rum.