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4 Karibbean Liquor Black River S.A.S. Canasteros 21 Solera ratings

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I believe I have the correct rum The bottle says Canasteros 21 solera which I bought at Total Wine as an experiment. The oldest for the money I could find. What I drank was the best I can remember. I'm no connoisseur, but I know if I like the taste and smoothness. My favorite is Bacardi which I gave a 10. It has good taste, smoothness and a reasonable price. I have tried more expensive rums but they do not deliver an improvement worth the price in my mind. This rum is equal to my Bacardi 8 but the price is 50% higher so it looses a bit in my rating.

This is a good rum, but it's not as smooth as I expected for a 21 year (probably due to 'solera' aging).

Smells and tastes of toffee, oak, nuts, with a hint of whiskey and vanilla. Not bad, but not great to me.


Got a bottle of Canasteros 21y Solera while in San Francisco. At $33 a bottle, its deceivingly cheap for a 21y Solera rum. Bottle design is new and fresh, label design is dull and bland. Color is golden which is very surprising for a 21y rum. Very mild wood flavors to the nose and a tad more wood to the palate. This most certainly is coming from Jack Daniels barrel aging. Hardly any burn, but the rum is very dry. Not my cup of tea.


Looking for a rum for Thanksgiving and had not previously seen this one at Total Wine. Not disappointed in this Columbian rum, and both my father-in-law and I enjoyed its pleasant flavor. Could be served on the rocks or mixed depending on your mood. This rates a 6.5 on my scale.