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Skullduggary Gold rum

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Posted over 1 year ago by Stefan Persson (PREMIUM) from Sweden with 150 ratings

Tasted it this afternoon at Skullduggerys Cafe at Fulmouth Marina in Antigua. The cafes owner is the creator (together with ADL) and owner of the brand as I have understood it.
The rum is bottled in a nice bottle, has a nice colour and nose. It’s quite dry, medium complexity and a quite short afterburn.
Bought me a bottle when in Antigua, cause it’s almost impossible to find in Europe.
The bottle and the story around it together with it’s quite nice taste makes it earning a place at most rum shelves.
Picture: My ADL shelf.

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Posted over 2 years ago by RumManDan from Canada with 32 ratings

This rum was initially only sold at the skullduggary cafe on the island of Antigua & Barbuda but, can now be found in many tourist shops on the island. This is a very generic tasting rum and to me its flavour is just like gostling gold but, a touch sweeter. Although there is nothing special about this rum the bottle is fantastic - a white skull with a synthetic, red wax covered cork and stamped. It's a great looking rum with over 30 years of history on the island of Antigua. It sold for approx $14USD on island.

Would I drink this regularily? No as there are better rums for the price point and I'm not in favour of this style of rum. However it's nice to have the bottle and to try it.