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Neisson L'Espirit of Neisson 70 rum

Neisson L'Espirit of Neisson 70

Martinique | Light

8.3/10 (20 ratings)
Now this is some good stuff


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20 Neisson L'Espirit of Neisson 70 ratings

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Posted almost 2 years ago by Pirateforlife from United Kingdom with 17 ratings

Bought it from the distillery when visiting Martinique about 5 years ago and the Lady from the distillery shop said drink it like Vodka. so put it in the freezer and then drinking. I must say that My face from the first drams was quite like a baby biting into a lemon.
It is very strong but tasteful and cold.
Don’t dink it straight unless you have Russian blood. I found it very nicely paired in rum cocktails.
I did leave the bottle at my mother when I came back to the UK, and guess what she used it to make cakes with it! couple months later that bottle won a gold medal at world spirits brussels and the price tripled... I am writing with tears in my eye!


Posted 2 years ago by Joola69 from United States with 2661 ratings

Visited the Neisson distillery while vacationing in Martinique. Self guided distillery tour ended with an open tasting bar. Neisson l'Esprit was priced at EUR 20 per bottle at the distillery. Very nice and sturdy bottle design with a great old school label. Traditional sweet Rhum Agricole flavors complemented with plenty of grass, some florals and a massive amount of citrus notes to the nose and palate. Surprisingly strong burn at the end. Very long finish. Rhum Agricole fan boys can easily add 2 points to my score.


Posted 4 years ago by Falcon91Wolvrn03 (PREMIUM) from United States with 461 ratings

This is a decent rum, and reminds me a lot of the 50%abv Neisson Rhum Agricole Blanc, only much stronger at 70%abv.

I slightly prefer the Agricole Blanc, as I believe it has a little more cane flavor to it, though these are close.

The L'Espirit smells and tastes of a classic agricole rum, with sugarcane, pepper, and a light hint of lemon. Very strong at 70%, this is not a rum for beginners. If you like agricole rums, you'll probably enjoy this more than I do, as I tend to prefer the molasses rums.


Posted over 6 years ago by niko_aqm from France with 14 ratings

Attention ce rhum affiche quand même 70 degrés alors personnellement je le bois après un petit tour au congélateur. Le nez est magnifique, beaucoup de fraîcheur et d'agrumes, on dirait un ti-punch déjà préparé. On a également un côté végétal et on devine la fibre de la canne fraîche.
En bouche c'est rond au départ grâce au refroidissement au congélateur et puis ça explose dans tous les sens, on sent le citron, le poivre, les fruits exotiques... On peut dire que c'est un rhum à sensations fortes, la bouche reste imprégnée pendant de longues minutes.
A déguster avec modération car personnellement ça me brûle quand même un peu l'estomac quand j'en abuse.


Posted 4 months ago by LegallySmelf from United States with 30 ratings

This rum is hot! Bottled nearly at the proof it comes from the still, thus the expression that it is "the spirit of Neisson."

It is difficult to get past the alcohol but once past, it is quite similar to the Neisson 52.5. But where the 52.5 is grassy, this is a bit more vegetal. Where the 52.5 has fruit sugar, this has more caramel. Excellent rum that I'm interested in playing with, as the 52.5 is one of my all time favorites. However, I will stick with the 52.5.


Posted 1 year ago by zaks from France with 45 ratings

Malgré ses 70°, il est très agréable en bouche, et moins fort que certains alcool moins titrés. Sec et glacé ou en ti'punch, il est l'un des meilleurs rhums agricoles que je connaisse


Posted over 1 year ago by Smovens from United States with 94 ratings

This is the pinnacle of agricole rhum. Aggressive, grassy, fresh, yet not as harsh as many 80 proof rums. Perfect balance


Posted over 1 year ago by Rene Rum from Switzerland with 390 ratings

Im Glas klar wie ein Kristall.
In der Nase schon ziemlich heftig, die 70% treiben Einem fast die Tränen in die Augen. Dahinter eröffnet sich eine Welt voller Düfte, Zuckerrohr, frisch geschnittenem Gras, frisch gepflückten Blumen, Sonne und Lebensfreude.
Im Gaumen, hatte ich noch nie so einen "milden" high proof. Geschmeidig und elegant werden die Geschmacksknospen mit frischen Aromen verwöhnt. Gras, Kräuter, Zuckerrohr, frische Früchte, Zitronen Zeste, Gewürze und eine Priese Meeresluft. Vorsicht, habe einen Tropfen verschüttet und der Linoleum auf meinem Tisch hat sich aufgelöst.
Im Abgang sehr lang und würzig, Früchte und Kräuter kleben lange auf der Zunge.
Ein Muss für jeden Liebhaber solcher Meisterwerke. Perfekter Rhum für 'Ti Punch !

Clear in the glass like a crystal.
In the nose already quite violently, the 70% drive one nearly the tears into the eyes. Behind it opens a world full of fragrances, sugar cane, freshly cut grass, freshly picked flowers, sun and joie de vivre.
On the palate, I've never had such a "mild" high proof. Smooth and elegant, the taste buds are pampered with fresh aromas. Grass, herbs, sugar cane, fresh fruit, lemon zest, spices and a pinch of sea air. Careful, I spilled a drop and the linoleum on my table has dissolved.
In the finish very long and spicy, fruits and herbs stick long on the tongue.
A must for every lover of such masterpieces. Perfect Rhum for 'Ti Punch !


Posted almost 2 years ago by vincent from France with 128 ratings

Un nez peut-être un peu discret par rapport au reste de la gamme de blanc chez neisson, mais qui nous promet de la canne fraiche.
Comme toujours avec les blancs de Neisson, le nez et la bouche sont envahie par des notes d’agrumes, florales et végétale.
C’est gras en bouche et ça dessèche toute la gencive mais l’alcool est plutôt bien intégré.
Un très bon rhum mais qui, à mon avis, perd le combat face au blanc bio et au blanc en conversion bio qui sont des vrais nectars.


Posted over 2 years ago by Fab from France with 2 ratings

Un must dans une collection, ce qui ce fait de mieux actuellement