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Eight Bells Gold rum

Eight Bells Gold

United States | Gold

Eight Bells Gold rum, a direct fire pot-distilled, Caribbean molasses-based rum that’s aged in used bourbon barrels for over three years. Bottled at 90 proof.

via American Rum Report

5.0/10 (3 ratings)
Easily consumable in a bind


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3 Eight Bells Gold ratings

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Posted 7 months ago by locorican68 from United States with 25 ratings

"This rum has something special on the nose and palate. On the first try, I got some musk, probably oak and was over the aroma of chocolate and molasses. The same muskiness was on the palate, with a little more chocolate. The finish was smooth, but short, too short. When I drink this rum, I think of a Japanese Whisky called Kamiki, which is matured on cedar casks and has an overwhelming cedar presence on the nose and palate."


Posted 2 years ago by Michael LaRocca from United States with 10 ratings

I'm not sure what it is, but when I viewed, smelled, and tasted this rum all I could think was "is this whiskey?". There's something about it that is completely foreign to me, and I just couldn't get my head around it. It has a very strong smell and taste of alcohol, and is not a sipping rum in any way. Maybe it would mix well, I don't know, but this is certainly not meant to be sipped.

I gave it a weighted score of 3.65, which I rounded up to 4 for My scoring system (with weights) is as follows:
-Packaging (10%): 5
-Color (20%): 6.5
-Nose (20%): 3
-Palette (25%): 3
-Smoothness (25%): 2

I so wanted to like this rum, and I truly hope to see American rum distilleries flourish. I just think New England Distillery has to go back to the drawing board on this one.


Posted almost 3 years ago by Jannino from United States with 24 ratings

In the bottle and in the glass it is a nice golden color. Light scent of oak. Smooth and the front end and a light hint of oak on the back end. The oak is not overpowering at all.