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Rhum Rhum 2017 Libération rum

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4 Rhum Rhum 2017 Libération ratings

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Posted about 1 year ago by Charles M from United Kingdom with 126 ratings

In a somewhat confusing way, there are two bottlings of this rum. One at an over proof 58% and this one at 45%. I am not generally a fan of Agricoles but I do like this one. In fact I seem to like most Agricoles when I drink them, but not as much as molass based rums and I don't choose to buy them that often. My mother came back from the Carib and brought me this bottle.

First impressions are pretty positive. Excellent packaging. Even at 45% this is a very smooth, full bodied rum. Plenty of oak, rubber and unmistakably an Agricole. And that to me is one of the problems. Agricoles have far more in common with each other than molass based rums. To test this opinion, I brought out my J Bally 2002. There was that typicity found in Agricoles, but to me, the Bally was quite a lot more sophisticated. The fruit wasn't masked by oak, and the finish really was rather good and long. This Liberation is too oak dominated and thus lacks some sophistication although it does lend to the smoothness on the body.

And dare we mention the price?? In the UK the Liberation is going for something like £135 (I think), compared to the vintage Bally's £50-60. It really really isn't worth that much, and given the high price I can only consider it bad value for money and thus a bit of a disappointment. Not least as I prefer the far cheaper Bally.

It's solid, but then so are many Agricoles at a quarter of the price, and that there is its biggest problem.

EDIT - this bottle has been open for 3 months now, and as I don't drink Agricoles that often, it has remained untouched. However, I had a cheap Trois Riviere and then came to this again. Wow. It has really really opened up. The Burgundy casks give a softness and richness that really appeals to me. It has wonderful mouth feel and a really great length with complex fruit. I'm enjoying this more than any rum I have had recently. But its all tempered by the price. It is about 2-3 times too much!!

Posted almost 2 years ago by Falcon91Wolvrn03 (PREMIUM) from United States with 424 ratings

This rhum is somewhat similar to the Liberation 2010. It's an agricole, but has notes of oak and burgundy wine. A bit rubbery as another reviewer noted and dry.

I think some people might love this rhum, but it's not my style, as it's a bit dry for me, and lacks the traditional rum flavor that I love. I slightly prefer the 2010.

Posted over 2 years ago by Marc Cardinal from Belgium with 401 ratings

Mahogany color, the nose is in the same notes as the 2012 on candied fruit with chocolate, very greedy and a presence of gunpowder which for some indicate an anomaly in the aromatic structure of this rum. On the palate, the alcohol is present, a very well-stocked rum with a very hot and long finish on spices, nutmeg. Beautiful rum but where does this gunpowder come from ?

Posted over 2 years ago by Jonte Json from Sweden with 111 ratings

A notch better than the ”basic”, with better and wider perspective of tastes...