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Mount Gay XO Extra Old rum

Mount Gay XO Extra Old

Barbados | Aged

Mount Gay Extra Old (often written "OX") is a blend of rums aged between 8 and 15 years in American bourbon barrels.

Mount Gay Distilleries is the oldest operating distillery in the Americas - producing rum in Barbados since 1703. It's original name was Mount Gilboa, and in 1801 renamed Mount Gay after the distillery's manager Sir John Gay Alleyne.

7.7/10 (612 ratings)
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612 Mount Gay XO Extra Old ratings

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Posted almost 4 years ago by Bob from United States with 72 ratings

MGXO has a super nice balance of dry, smokey, sweet, and oaky barrel flavor. There are hints of marshmallow vanilla along with chocolate, leather, and oak. Some subtle dried cherries and molasses flavor as well. I'm a bourbon fan which may be why I like this so much. There is a noticeable complexity of flavors it has besides just sweetness. There is a wonderful dry element to this one and I prefer it on the rocks at 43% alcohol. Extremely happy with this and will definitely be buying again. Update: coming back to this was difficult at first, I have tried so many "premium" sugary rums since and I couldn't appreciate it the way I used to. Over a few sessions of sipping at first it was just too hot and I could only taste the alcohol, then I added a little bit of water and time to the equation. After breathing and a dab of water I was able to recollect my initial love for this rum with its natural dry fruit/molasses sweetness and smooth finish. It's notably smoother on the finish than Doorly's 12 year and I can say that for sure now.


Posted 1 year ago by Mike (PREMIUM) from Czech Republic with 130 ratings

It took some time until I was able to appriciate this one. On the nose you can smell o lot of wood and smoke. First sip is a bit sharp but after that you can recognize hints of vanilla, nuts and oak with smoky tones. Great dry rum if you want to try something else than sweet rums.


Posted 1 year ago by Vicke from Sweden with 70 ratings

This is not a bad rum, but not for me. If you like the sweeter rums this is not for you. Also to dry for my taste.


Posted 1 year ago by Kair from Canada with 17 ratings

Great one !! I was very much impressed by it ! Sweet yet dry. Spicy yet not too much !! Great one for 47$ CA. A little less burn than the el dorado 12 say !


Posted 1 year ago by Leo K from Canada with 54 ratings

I found this rum somewhat harsh and did not enjoy it as a stand alone sipper, Descent on the rocks or as a mixer if you are so inclined. Updated. Tried this again in December 2019. Either I have a "bad' bottle or the blend has changed. Less enjoyable than the last time I had it.


Posted 1 year ago by Hector from United States with 59 ratings

Great tasting rum, caramel, vanilla, oak, love the viscosity on this one, supper buttery and oily in the finish. Even though is 43% it still super smooth and easy to enjoy. This is a fantastic spirit, one my favorites so far.


Posted 1 year ago by M.R.J. from Finland with 203 ratings

This used to be much, much better - Now it is ok, and enjoyable. Bourbon cask offers vanilla (natural kind - not added essence), molasses, dried fruit, a bit creamy in character. Delivers - with no additives. I cannot help think it is filtered and blended a bit too much.


Posted 1 year ago by Mrcaress from Canada with 12 ratings

A spicy caramel start with easy finish. Nothing offensive about this one. Good rum to share with friends or a coworker you don’t fully trust yet


Posted 1 year ago by Ztrain11$$ from Canada with 8 ratings

An excellent rum. Tastes of caramel with a bit of spice. Smooth finish. Highly recommend


Posted 1 year ago by Nisan Jaffee from Israel with 14 ratings

I developed a love for Rum when I lived for 10 years in the US Virgin Islands. But Rum is generally ignored by most of my friends, except as a mixer in drinks with little umbrellas in them. Well, I have opened a few eyes with Mt. Gay XO. The subtle flavor from the bourbon barrels makes this Rum unique. Smooth, dry, with a sweet nose. By the way, I paid 170 NIS, which beats the Partner Price of 176.50 NIS.


Posted 1 year ago by Harry from South Africa with 40 ratings

Stunning bottle preserving a stunning rum worth sharing with good friends over a glowing fire!