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9 Serum Elixir ratings

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Nice cheaper ron but sympathic smell and taste of sweet sour, mood of carribean. Nice to drink anytime.

Velmi sladký leč pro dámy chuťově příjemný rum. Spíše ostřejší likér s kořeněnou chutí vanilky.

If you like elixirs, especially if you like Legendario 7yo, you will like it.

Smell: Raisins, caramelised sugar, something spiced (maybe cinnamon?)

Taste: Sugar, raisins, sugar, some spiced things, sugar, and more raisins.

Is it worth buying? For sweet drinks, yes. For serious rum? No.


Tolik sladka není ani v ajrkoňaku, ale moc chutná manželce. Asi jako Gorgas se třema lopatama cukru v kažém panáku.

This is a relatively new brand. The taste is poor because the rum itself is hidden behind a load of artificial aroma - sugar, cinnamon and many fruits. Comparison with Legendario? Legendario is ten times better. We were wondering how this could taste with Coca Cola Zero? The same suffering, but the drink lasted longer. Btw. Serum Ancon 10-Year is good.


If this rum would be a hooker you'd call her taste but likable...

Chutný, voňavý Elixír z Panamy. Legendario je však asi o chloupek lepší.

Taste is full of fruit, with nice vanilla taste, smell is also full of fruit, very good! It is one of my favorite rums.

Really smooth and pleasant rum with hints of raisins, vanilla, almonds and cinnamon. Best buy for this price..