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Serum Elixir rum

Serum Elixir

Panama | Gold

6.5/10 (25 ratings)
Tasty, but not quite great


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25 Serum Elixir ratings

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Posted 2 years ago by matus8683 from Slovakia with 9 ratings

Skusil som, ako prvy rum vôbec. Sladký, jemný a hlavne plný chutí ako vanilka, škorica, mandle, alebo vyšne. Pokracujem v hladani mojho najoblubenejsieho rumu. Na zdravie!


Posted almost 4 years ago by Daniel from Czech Republic with 121 ratings

Nice cheaper ron but sympathic smell and taste of sweet sour, mood of carribean. Nice to drink anytime.

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Posted 1 month ago by ikulienka from Slovakia with 3 ratings

mierne sladká chuť s príjemným doznením v hrdle. Rum nepali v hrdle ale je príjemné hrejivy. farba je zlatisto svetlá. farbou to pripomína biele víno.


Posted 1 month ago by Restept from Slovakia with 7 ratings

Rum svetlej farby, velmi sladky. Preferujem skor menej sladke rumy. Ale tento aspon nie je taky sladky ako Legendario. V rume prevlada ovocna chut kvostkoveho ovocia. Po chvili pocit medu a jemneho korenia.

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Posted 7 months ago by Simson from Czech Republic with 45 ratings

I used to buy it mainly for women when they come to visit us. It is not rum, but an elixir (35%).

Bottle: Nothing special - such an ordinary cheap shape (1.5 liters).
Cap: Rubber stopper. This surprised me a little. I was rather expecting a screw cap.
Aroma: On the first breath you can smell mainly almonds, cinnamon and a little alcohol. It's such a Christmas scent.
Color: I was surprised at how bright it is. Such a very light yellow color.
Taste: Not bad, but it reminds me more of Amareto or herbal liqueur than rum. Even in the taste you can smell almonds and a hint of cinnamon. You can get used to it during longer sipping, but I liked Legendario 7 or Santos Dumont Elixir a little more. It's not bad and I believe that ladies in particular will enjoy it.

Final rating: 6 points from 10.


Posted 12 months ago by Luke from Czech Republic with 102 ratings

Oproti Legendario Elixir je Serum malinečko méně sladší a přitom je to pořád Elixírek. 8b dávám jen proto, že Legendariu jsem dal 7 bodů a mezi elixíry by měl dostat o bod více. Jo a majího i v 1,5l verzi :-)


Posted 1 year ago by Nono from France with 2 ratings

Bonne bouteille, passe très bien, rhum assez fin très appréciable

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Posted 1 year ago by DebiQue from Slovakia with 42 ratings

This is Rum Liquor not a real rum. I like the taste and you never make a mistake to use it as a welcome drink for women :)


Posted over 1 year ago by Petr V. from Czech Republic with 15 ratings

Not really strong and not too sweeat, liquer as it should be. You can taste almond in it.


Posted over 1 year ago by bRUMbear from AF with 14 ratings

On account of being an elixir you should expect a sweet aroma, so if you're not into elixirs, there's no point for you for trying this one. BUT! If you do like elixirs, then this one is a must-try. Unlike any other elixir I've ever tried, you can drink Serum entire evening without the sweet taste or strong aroma getting on your nerves. (The condition on liking elixirs in general is still standing here, and throughout the entire review.)
I appreciate the smooth alcohol base, which helps the sip to go down easily, the pleasant aroma that DOESN'T punch you straight in the face - more like gently pleases your nose - , and most importantly the taste - sweet, but not too sweet, rather balanced and light.
Personally - the second best elixir yet.
Generally - the go-to choice if you want to try another elixir.