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27 Plantation 20th anniversary XO Extra Old ratings

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Well over 700 aged dark rums enjoyed and Plantation XO 20th Anniversary is easily on my Top 5 list after 15 years. It is sublime, super smooth, no burn at all and contains plenty of amazing flavors. If you haven't tried yet Plantation XO 20th Anniversary, go quickly and get a bottle since it will set a brand new benchmark for your personal rum list.

Nose: Hints of spicy oak on the nose with guava, plenty of coconut and dried banana.
Palate: Spiced, creamy palate entry, with sweet vanilla notes and a lot of caramel.
Finish: Caramel. Toasted oak. Caramel.

Tones of amandel and anijs. Sweet and fresh. Real tastebomb. Love it


I wrote a much longer description but it kicked me off before I could submit it. Not doing that again. I will just say this... this is my new favorite rum and it will be hard to top for me. The perfect combination of complexity and hint of sweetness.


Love this stuff, have had a couple of bottles now and would say it’s definitely my favourite rum so far.

The Carmel and vanilla flavors come through in this smooth fruity aroma rum. A great value for something of this quality, perfect for the fire pit up neat...

Really great after dinner rum. Smooth and tasty. Almond and anis. Really enjoy it everytime

Really great sipper. Almond aroma, caramel taste. Recommend to all

Near perfection. Sweet complex great aftertaste. Right down my alley 😊

Very good tasting but not so smooth and for this price there are better Rums for me.

I love this as a sipping rum. Ons of my all time favourites and very well priced

Nothing overly special but definitely a very good sipping beverage.

Wow! What a great rum! I bought it in Canada, it's 75$ the bottle, so it's expensive, but worth the price. You can feel a light after burn after each sip, more than other good rums like the Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva, because I think the Plantation has less sugar. I definetely recommend it.

Was not exited at all about this rum, not bad, but not a rum to remember.


Enjoyed this a great deal. Unique flavor with a little hint of spice & coconut on the back end. Maybe not in my personal top tier, but certainly a keeper.

Everything about this rum seems, well, elegant. Classy bottle filled with beautiful stuff. Dipped neat. Nothing remotely unpleasant. Smells great, tastes great. Feels great in your mouth with a coconut ending. A fine rum to have more than one.


bien équilibré, dans la douceur mais sans trop , un bon compromis

This rum is my absolute favorite so far, after having tried a number of premium rums. It is very smooth drinking, with just the right amount of sweetness.

It was definitley a delicious rum, but I saved it for a special occasion and thought it was going to be much more than it was. It is very smooth and sweet but felt almost a little fake sweet. Not a whole lot of different flavors going on. I will def buy again though.

Golden warm sweetness with ripe fruit on the nose mixed with caramel and raisin flavors.
Apricot and a hint of tobacco makes this a most enjoyable sipper

When you open it, give a little time for this Rum. By start it can little bit kick you in nose. Good aroma, woody and rich.
Taste is more sweet. For me I found honey.

I compared this one with
Plantation Guatemala & Belize gran Añejo - 8.0
And for this one I give between 7.5-7.8

This rum is truly awesome and it might be hard to find a guest who doesn't appreciate this liquified happiness. If it was just a hint less sweet, it would score a ten.

This rum is an excellent choice in it's price range ($49 in my location).It has a nice tropical nose to it with a taste of coconut, banana, and some other fruits.Probably one of the easiest drinking rums i've had.

Received the Plantation 20 XO for Christmas (thanks wife o' mine!). A smooth rum with a nice amount of sweetness. I enjoyed it but not as much as others. I wish RR allowed half bottles as I rated this one a 6.5.

Now I drink my third bottle an I enjoy it better than the first one.
It has really nice smooth and sweet aroma with a coconut and chocolate hint, very nice to sniff.
The taste is more complex than other in its price level, and it's not so sweet as it smells. The sweetness appears little bit later and then fades and the coconut and oak notes gets stronger in aftertaste, but still very pleasant to drink. The alcohol taste is very short and stays in a gentle way. Very nice sipping rum.
Everyone who likes rum or starts with drinking it should try this at least once, it's worth it.