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S.B.S. 1997 Trinidad Caroni 18-Year rum
S.B.S. 1997 Trinidad Caroni 18-Year rum

S.B.S. 1997 Trinidad Caroni 18-Year

Denmark | Aged

7.3/10 (3 ratings)
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3 S.B.S. 1997 Trinidad Caroni 18-Year ratings

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Posted 5 months ago by vomi1011 from Germany with 155 ratings

This rum is the bad boy of all rums. Dirty, strong, strange. It lasts almost forever, you have the aftertaste still 1h later.
It's so intensive, it kicked my palet out of my mouth.
I had to add some water before tasting.
I like the 17y caroni from bristol but it could be a little bit stronger.
This cask strength rum could be more fruity and more balanced. But it's still a Caroni.

After the third tasting I could enjoy this one. If you try this for the first time your palet get overhelmed. You have to add some water to it, to make it drinkable.

When you drink it for the first time, you think wtf is that, this is the worst rum ever.
But when you drink it some days later you will think, which rum could taste like this? And the answer is no one. And that is the point, the taste is very special. No other rum can offer you this aromas.
Love it or hate it, but you have to taste it.

Cask #53
Smell: acetone, gum, caramel and burnt sugar, dried and fermented fruits, salt
Taste: salt, acetone, citrus, dry fruits (plum), gum, tar, bitterness, bicycle inner tube
Finish: very long
Aftertaste: fir, peppermint, berries, gum

Cask #216
Smell: salt, caramel, burnt sugar, dried fruits, some gum
Taste: salt, citrus, acetone, slightly gum, bitterness
Aftertaste: peppermint, berries

Sweetness: 1.5/5
Spice: 3.5/5
Fruit: 1.5/5
Mildness: 1/5

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Posted 8 months ago by Michal Micko (PREMIUM) from Czech Republic with 258 ratings

Nice gentle aroma. First few second is sweet and woody. After is everything covered by burning. Aftertaste shorter and dry. Much better consumable with few drops of water.

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Posted almost 4 years ago by Per from Denmark with 45 ratings

A rare bottle of rum. Non chill filtered rum which has a very sharp taste. This is not for "kids"! 64% volume!! For some it might be better with a little bit of water.