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Posted almost 3 years ago by Beukeboom from United States with 305 ratings

My wonderful sister-in-law (more of a great sister than an in-law) brought this back from a cruise she took and gave it to me as a Christmas present. I am wary of flavored rums since the overwhelming bulk of them use chemical flavoring or claim to use "natural flavors" without actually specifying what those flavors are. Most often they taste extremely artificial and leave a chemical aftertaste.

My sister (I'm dropping the "in-law" for the remainder of the review) wanted me to try the two she got for me (the other one is their Caribbean Coconut). I was pleasantly surprised at the very real authentic flavor. But I digress.

First off, the aroma is indeed mango. Real mango. Can't miss it.

Secondly, the rum is a light amber in color with fairly decent legs although it is a bit thin. It is only 50 proof (25% ABV) but don't let that fool you, it will sneak up on you if you aren't careful.

According to the label this is a "handcrafted rum infusion of caribbean mango, mandarin orange & sugar cane". It's the combination of the mango and mandarin orange that makes this rum delightful. The flavor is nice and as is the finish. This would be a rum I would serve as a simple after dinner drink. It's not fancy but it is far, far superior to most fruit flavored rums.

This one is going to be difficult to get since they do not export nor ship their products. The only way to get some is to actually go to Roatan. If my sister goes again I am getting her to get me more including the other flavors they offer.

[NOTE: Much of this review applies equally to the Caribbean Coconut so a lot of this review is copied and pasted on that review as well.]