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Doctor Bird Pot Still rum

Doctor Bird Pot Still

United States | Aged

36 ratings
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36 Doctor Bird Pot Still ratings

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Posted 6 months ago by Cowboy Neal from United States with 20 ratings

It was too much for me at first, but after sipping it a couple more times it's grown on me in a huge way. One of my favorites, once you get used to the funk, and great price


Posted 9 months ago by Mike Pooch from United States with 38 ratings

As a huge fan of all Jamaican rums, this was a long sought out find for me. I finally found it online from Blackwells. A gold rum in color, which was surprising, I assumed it was a dark rum. Nose definitely Jamaican pot still funk, overripe banana and molasses. Tasting notes were not as funky as I expected, definitely a nice light smoothness, with a sweet natural wine and grape flavor underlying the pot still hogo. I mixed with it a bit but trust me, as a sipper with the wine cask aged flavor, it should always be sipped! One of my favorite sippers ever.


Posted 10 months ago by Eviltwinshell (PREMIUM) from United States with 27 ratings

I just got my first bottle of this, I have to say, I love the Jamaican Funk!! It makes some good drinks for real - it’s a fun rum.


Posted almost 3 years ago by JackOrion from United States with 61 ratings

Big Jam funk, big 50% ABV great price!! This is for the true rum lovers out there. It’s a gift at this price.

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Posted 3 years ago by Cory Wid from United States with 87 ratings

As a lover of the Jamaican funk, I was pleased to discover this rum at Lost Lake in Chicago. Well balanced and integrated pungency, like over-ripe banana, keeps me craving... Didn't have the pleasure of trying it in a Maita'i or Jungle Bird, but something tells me it would be fantastic. I'll be looking to add it to my collection as soon as I can find a bottle.


Posted 3 years ago by RumGuy from United States with 22 ratings

Fantastic. Lots of raisin and grape notes of course. Super funky worthy park distillate. Worth a buy. Maybe more than a few times.


Posted 1 year ago by kheiligh (PREMIUM) from United States with 47 ratings

What can I say about this that hasn't already been said, other than this is a GREAT rum to introduce to your friends (cautiously!) to show them the outer limits of rum. Have them try this and an unaged rum agricole and notice how surprised they are that there's a whole galaxy out there of different flavors under the umbrella of "rum"...

To us, this is so full of banana that's so overripe it's ALMOST gone bad, campfire smoke, all KINDS of tropical fruit and wood... it's a must have in a mai tai and many other drinks... always worth keeping around.


Posted 6 months ago by JGiralt from United States with 84 ratings

A true delight if you’re a fan of Jamaican pot still runs. High ester. A great addition to any cocktail.


Posted over 3 years ago by piratejabez from United States with 325 ratings

As west-coaster who's sadly spent almost no time in Michigan, I'd never heard of Two James Spirits before this bottle appeared on the shelves of my (well-known) local chain. I didn't need more Jamaican rum on my tiny shelf, but the specs alone were enough to convince me to pick a bottle up anyway:
- Jamaican (we're off to a good start)
- Pot Still (oh yeah...)
- Worthy Park (*drools...)
- Aged 8 years (ooo, fancy...)
- "Moscatel" finish (ok, let's not get *too* fancy...)
- 50% ABV (yes yes yes...)
- $25 (shut up and take my money!)

Clearly Two James, despite focusing on their full lineup of other spirits (bourbon, whiskey, gin, vodka, absinthe, and mezcal), also have their ear on the rum appreciation scene (though, strangely, their rum isn't featured anywhere on their website). They're the only US (whiskey etc.) distiller I'm aware of the doesn't seem to be adding a rum to their menu simply as an add-on, because they have access to a still and some sugar, and because they're tried a few other things and wanted to design another label to slap on a bottle and sell to their friends (usually with disastrous results). The Jameses where to source good juice, and managed to take a risk (with the trendy but wholly unnecessary sweet wine cask finish) without ruining it. It's encouraging to see!

So yes, the rum is good. It's got a big, funky nose that tickles your... nose. Lots of fruit, a good amount of wood. Some cherry, maple, hint of brandy. Though rather dry overall, it enters sweetly on the tongue, with a bit of a bite. It ends with moderately short finish on the throat, but the flavors do linger in the mouth for some time. The proof is just right—perfectly drinkable as-is, but a few drops of water don't kill it.
Compare to Hamilton Jamaican Pot Still.

It's eminently sippable for funk fans, but I love mixing with this, often using a 50-50 blend with Coruba in classic cocktail recipes calling simply for "dark jamaican" rum. It also makes a splendid Daiquiri, and I can only imagine the kind of funky Mai Tai you could get pairing it with something like La Favorite Couer de Ambre (for the record, I'm a Denizen guy, but I never turn down a Mai Tai using some respectable version of the "original" recipe). Haven't tried it yet, either, but I'll bet this would shine in a Planter's Punch.

Again, I could have done without the wine cask finish (it's still a bit too young, and moscatel is dangerously sweet). It works well enough for cocktails, but the finish doesn't do the rum any favors when sipped neat. I'm just glad it didn't ruin it.

I'm simply amazed that somehow, Two James managed to get so much right with their first rum release. It's funky, un-sugared, at-proof, competently aged, truly unique in the market, and reasonably priced to boot (their other offerings do appear to be pricier). As long as they continue in this pattern, I'll be coming back for more!

8, 8-


Posted 6 months ago by Awesomedon from United States with 31 ratings

At 30 dollars a bottle here in TN you cannot beat Doctor Bird. Makes an amazing daquiri