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Doctor Bird Pot Still rum

Doctor Bird Pot Still

United States | Aged

6.6/10 (28 ratings)
Tasty, but not quite great


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28 Doctor Bird Pot Still ratings

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Posted about 11 hours ago by mlevineisme from United States with 24 ratings

I relapy think this rum is special. It has a nice snappy bite and to my palette just the right amount of funk. Just the perfect amount of heat in the low/medium range.

Not that it's a huge deal but I also love the label

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Posted about 1 month ago by PirateKristen from United States with 18 ratings

This is a wild rum and super funky. Banana Bread for sure. Couldn't place it anywhere, but LOVED it in the Naked Ape cocktail in Cate's book!

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Posted 3 months ago by (PREMIUM) from United States with 2 ratings

Finishes with butterscotch with aromatics of banana and pineapple. Not your typical rum, but worth the purchase for the variety of it.

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Posted 3 months ago by chuck from United States with 20 ratings

Super funky pot still rum. I add a little to cocktails to add some of that funk to the drink.

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Posted 5 months ago by kheiligh (PREMIUM) from United States with 31 ratings

What can I say about this that hasn't already been said, other than this is a GREAT rum to introduce to your friends (cautiously!) to show them the outer limits of rum. Have them try this and an unaged rum agricole and notice how surprised they are that there's a whole galaxy out there of different flavors under the umbrella of "rum"...

To us, this is so full of banana that's so overripe it's ALMOST gone bad, campfire smoke, all KINDS of tropical fruit and wood... it's a must have in a mai tai and many other drinks... always worth keeping around.

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Posted 7 months ago by Jaybird from United States with 47 ratings

Not sure where to start on this one. I purchased this purely to use in tiki cocktails as I'd seen it referenced by name in some recipes. I'm afraid this is going to be long winded! Sorry!
As soon as the cork was pulled the pot still aromas literally exploded out of the bottle! Although there is a lot of alcohol in the nose it's not hot or solvent like. A lot of fruit with hints of strawberry, kiwi, perhaps ripe banana and some of the muscatel coming through. Perhaps a hint of sour or tartness as well.
After letting it breathe for a few minutes I dropped a cube in, swirled, let it rest and then revisited the aroma. Very similar but perhaps a bit less intense. Very smooth and pleasing aroma (if you like Jamaican funkiness) with some sweet aromas coming out. I swear that as this opens up I get hints of mint!!
For 50% alcohol I find this very, very smooth. Warming but not hot in my opinion. Quite different than I imagined. The flavor is full and funky but less in your face than I at first thought when getting the first aromas from the snifter. Still a big flavorful fully aromatic pot still rum but somehow well rounded. Some sweetness late leading into the finish most likely from the muscatel barrels but it's definitely not a sweet rum. Hints of dry woody character but less than I expected for an 8 year rum.
This is a really surprising rum. Although funky and mostly dry it's well balanced and has great body and flavor.
Definitely not for everyone. I think if you like funky Jamaican rum then you can't go wrong even if only using as a mixer in tiki cocktails but I like this one on the rocks! If you don't like Jamaicans or think that Appleton is too funky then run for the hills and leave this to those who appreciate the funk and flavor of pot still Jamaican rum.
At $28 (from Binny's in Chicago) this is quite a bargain. A solid must for tiki and funk enthusiasts! I give it a solid 8 for it's unique character and wonderful complexity. As is stated by many other reviewers this is not a rum for everyone so if you only like sweet sugar bomb rums or shy away form other funky Jamaican rums then don't try this one and give it a poor rating. It is what it is!

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Posted 7 months ago by Paniolopete from United States with 6 ratings

The label mentions the fruity esters that a traditional pot still distills over into the liquor, but I also got some ketones, that rattled my “warning” circuits. I’m still new to this dizzying array of rums my friend and I have been collecting and sampling, so I’m sure if those flashes of acetone are what I want in a rum. Probably not in a sipping rum, but this might be a great mixing rum in a fruit forward tiki drink. Price was not bad at $25 for a fifth. I’ll have to try it in a drink or two and reevaluate...

Several months and many rum tastes later...
While I still would not consider this a sipping rum, it is a fantastic mixing rum for combining with other rums to make your "signature blend" to use in a favorite drink. Added to Coruba Dark and a bit of Rum Fire White Overproof rum and it is quickly becoming my go-to Man-Tai Rum blend.
Getting more appreciation for the HoGo taste in many of the Jamaican pot still rums that distill to include these mysterious esters, especially the way they can work with other cocktail mixers to heighten a drink from just okay to "Yes, I'll have another!" level!

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Posted 7 months ago by LegallySmelf from United States with 23 ratings

Very different from my bottle of Hamilton Jamaican Black Pot Still... but surprisingly similar to my Hamilton St Lucian 7 year. It’s funk isn’t the dark rotting fruit gaminess of a dark Jamaican but a funk of a lighter variety. It's incredibly estery and I find it a bit overwhelming on its own and it easily dominates the flavor of a drink. Worth trying if you love funk, but otherwise I would recommend other Jamaicans that are less overwhelming.

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Posted 7 months ago by BurntPear from United States with 1 rating

Love is rum. A great rum for the price point. Has a good amount of funk, and mixes well.

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Posted 12 months ago by Engwild from United States with 153 ratings

A lot of funk for a near blanco, but too much sting to enjoy. Maybe in a cocktail.