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Matusalem Gran Reserva 15-Year rum

Matusalem Gran Reserva 15-Year

Dominican Republic | Aged

Matusalem Gran Reserva 15-year rum is produced using a combination of rums aged on average 15 years and distilled from molasses using the solera process.

The Matusalem company was established in 1872 originally in Santiago de Cuba. The company fled the country following the Cuban Revolution in 1959 and the Gran Reserva rum is now produced in the Dominican Republic.

6.3/10 (555 ratings)
Tasty, but not quite great


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555 Matusalem Gran Reserva 15-Year ratings

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Posted 5 years ago by Falcon91Wolvrn03 (PREMIUM) from United States with 448 ratings

Smells and tastes of oak, caramel, spice, with a touch of honey. Aftertaste is a little harsh, but not too bad.


Posted 2 years ago by Sam from Netherlands with 14 ratings

Very smooith, a bit of a harsh nose at first,but mellows out a bit over time. Very sippable and not too expensive. Also a great rum in the cocktail Dr. J, by Dave Arnold (not milkwashed).


Posted 2 years ago by Alexandre Rousselle from Canada with 29 ratings

Bon rhum, goût de caramel, un peu astringent. Plus sec que le 18 ans mais bon a déguster avec ou sans glace.


Posted 2 years ago by jolly_roger from Canada with 20 ratings

The rum is a SMOOTH sipping rum... more like a Rhum. It has a bit of a warmth or burn.


Posted 2 years ago by Matthew Murrey from United States with 2 ratings

Like many other reviewers on here, I found the Matusalem 15 decent all around but not spectacular. The aroma is fairly sweet and it has a light honey color. There is a bit of bite initially, but the aftertaste is better than expected. Overall, this is a rum I would share with casual acquaintances, but my best friends would get something better.


Posted 2 years ago by Alexey from United States with 25 ratings

good job for this money, of course it is not premium 15 Solera, looks like 8


Posted over 2 years ago by Loldelagohelle from France with 157 ratings

Je n' étais pas attire par ce rhum moyennement noté mais un ami le l à proposé en apéritif.j ai étais surpris qu il ne soit pas mieux noté.car à 24€ en Espagne ce rhum cette assez simple fait ressortir des notes pruneaux sur un fond qui ressemble à un pampero et même si l'alcool reste un peu agressif en fond de bouche l ensemble reste sucré et globalement agréable.bien pour débuter dans le rhum.un rhum sans prétention mais qui vaut 7.2 pur moi.


Posted over 2 years ago by Martin Tousek from Czech Republic with 21 ratings

I bought this bottle after finnishing another Dominican Republic rum (Presidente-15 Year). After paying approximately the same amount of money and drinking the very first sip, I knew that buying this rum was a mistake. Very flat taste with something idescribable in the background, which I found very disturbing. I definitely do not recommend, the rum is not worth the money. Buy Presidente-15 Year instead. 40%


Posted over 2 years ago by Jaroslav Nečas from Czech Republic with 57 ratings

Průměrný jehož vůně ani chuť nijak výrazně nezaujme


Posted over 2 years ago by David from Netherlands with 3 ratings

Nice and spicy. Ethanol smell and tast is a little too much. Light body. But i liked it for one bottle.


Posted over 2 years ago by Tommaso from Italy with 14 ratings

I edited my previous review because I purchased a bottle for the Year's Eve. It's quite plain tasting, with a sweetish vanilla aftertaste that reminds me of Captain Morgan's, albeit better and with less burn. I think it would be ok to mix with Cola, as I did, and certainly better than the aforementioned Morgan or Bacardi, yet I wouldn't recommend it alone.
An important side note: it doesn't come cheap, at least in my country. I believe that its price doesn't reflect its worth.