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This rum is not only exclusive to Smuggler's Cove in San Francisco—it's probably also made there. They take their proprietary El Dorado Smuggler's Cove Private Reserve and steep it in a variety of spices (and there are many—not just vanilla, cinnamon, and allspice, but also things like clove and black pepper). And yes, the spices are real. This is the spiced rum they use in the requisite cocktails, and I must say that as such, it shines. (I imagine it's tasty in Coke, too.) The spices seem perfectly balanced with each other, and are a good match for the rich demerara rum base. Well done, Mr. & Mrs. Cate!

As a rum, I give it a 7; it's very sweet, and repeated sipping is a bit of a challenge.

As a spiced rum, it's an 8 or even possibly a 9.

So for me this is somewhere between a 7+ and an 8-. My love for the cove is helping me to round up, as is the fact that so far I'm the only one to rate this rum, and it should be ranked high among the spiced.