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Centenario Real rum

Centenario Real

Costa Rica | Aged

9.6/10 (17 ratings)
Truly a fantastic choice


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17 Centenario Real ratings

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Posted 24 days ago by Rummetje from Netherlands with 11 ratings

Not cheap but one of my favourites. I have no comment other than just taste and enjoy!!


Posted 2 months ago by Herbi from Czech Republic with 1 rating

Best rum We have tasted ever. Absolutely perfection...


Posted 2 months ago by federicop74 from United Kingdom with 3 ratings

Colour: deep dark
Aroma/ smell: omg, I already know it’s gonna be good. Vanilla, honey, all there for me.
Body: veeeeery smoooooth.
Taste : Yep! Smoot, chocolate, vanilla, Honey, smoky
Finish: persistency of aromas as per above
Final score: not Very far from La Flibust; for me this is a 9,5 .
Comments: orgasmic. Very difficult to find unfortunately. Got 2 bottles from Austria at a not very cheap 150 Eur a pop but tbh worth every penny (or Eur)...! If you can find it, pull out your credit card and buy it!


Posted 2 months ago by Flemboy from United States with 3 ratings

This was such a well balanced rum, I was giddy. We did a blind tasting, but knew there were some pretty high end contestants. It had such a great aroma, a little pecan sweetness and then the taste.

The first sip and swirl; I knew it was magic in a bottle. Caramel, nutty, a touch of oak and finished with vanilla. If it was ice cream, I would eat the whole container.

Only problem is I can't find it anywhere!


Posted 3 months ago by Michal Micko (PREMIUM) from Czech Republic with 336 ratings

Bery similar to Centenario 30y. Only in direct comparison I was able to distinguish that Real is little less sweet and has a little bit more fruity and complex taste. Atill in TOP leagie of sweet rums but for almost double price vs the 30y I expected a bit more...


Posted 4 months ago by Immiketoo (PREMIUM) from Greece with 40 ratings

Wow. It’s smooth, sweet and filled with notes of vanilla and cinnamon and spice. Definitely my favorite sweetened rum.

Edit: after some months, while still tasty, the lack of burn makes me believe there is a lot of sugar and other additives in this rum.

This is something I like to sip after a good meal as the pronounced flavors cut through the aftertastes of dinner.

Best consumed neat at room temperature.


Posted 4 months ago by 5xo from Slovakia with 256 ratings

More fruity variant of Centenario, less woody than 30 Special Blend, less sweet than regular 30.


Posted 8 months ago by Frank from Germany with 5 ratings

This is the best rum I’ve ever had. I tasted at the 9. Grf. Very, very good!


Posted 11 months ago by VikingXO from Denmark with 107 ratings

I have never tasted a rum with so silky smooth finish. It is like soften your mouth for minutes. Really interesting sweet with a bit whisky finish. Fantastic! Best from Centenario, no doubt..


Posted 1 year ago by xCorporalx from Germany with 86 ratings

The aroma while nosing, the taste whenever it hits your taste buds...very high end and delicious.

Quite expensive though,...according to the dealer, the Centenario 30 is not too far away, this making the extra money obsolete...well, I bought the Centenario 30 now and waiting for delivery...let's see.

9.5 to a 10.0