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Malibu Coconut rum

Malibu Coconut

Canada | Flavored | 21.0% ABV

Malibu Coconut Rum is distilled from fermented molasses and blended with coconut and sugar. The brand is owned by one of the world's largest spirits producers, Pernod Ricard.

Currently produced in Canada, Malibu Coconut rum was originally made in Curaçao from fruit spirits flavored with coconut and rum. The original recipe was developed as a shortcut for bartenders making Piña Coladas, however today the stands on its own.

481 ratings
Flawed with a glimmer of hope


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481 Malibu Coconut ratings

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Posted 12 days ago by Toni (PREMIUM) from Germany with 10 ratings

It is not a bottle i would even consider to buy. But i tried this out of curiosity in a bar recently. It does not taste like a rum at all. It was very sweet and is coconut flavoured at 21%ABV... Sweeter than anything i ever had before. The bottle is very affordable and looks fancy. It is nothing for serious rum drinkers.


Posted 23 days ago by Stoppers from United Kingdom with 9 ratings

I haven't had this in ages, and that's because I'm not a teenager anymore. Great if you like Pina Colada's and cocktails etc, if you don't, then leave it alone. As with everything else in life, it serves a purpose for someone, somewhere, but it's not really a rum. A girls drink. There, I said it...


Posted 28 days ago by Danomanning from United States with 3 ratings

Good rum, sweet and flavorful. Straight, is ok. Great for mixing. Fanta piña colada with this is a great starting mix.


Posted 1 month ago by madcat338 from Malaysia with 4 ratings

Well its full of flavour and taste of artificial when sipping. Can make good cocktails tho


Posted 2 months ago by Beercan from United Kingdom with 3 ratings

This is the drink for you.
Let's be honest and call it out for what it is. Nobody's drinking this as a serious rum but it has its place.


Posted 2 months ago by Anders Ravn Jørgensen from Denmark with 158 ratings

Ikke god rom til at drikke ren, og er ret beset heller ikke rom. Kokus nej tak

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Posted 2 months ago by Spidey-P from Netherlands with 83 ratings

My first rum when I started to discover alcohol about 30 years ago! To be honest I have never ever tasted it again so my review is based on memories compared to what I know now about the Rum world.

My advice would be: don't drink this if you want to enjoy rum, because the name rum would be far to much to use for this one. It isn't even worth reviewing helps me get another badge if I do review it sooo 😀


Posted 2 months ago by RosieSox from United States with 25 ratings

The nose is very coconut, almost artificial coconut. The taste is moderately sweet with the aforementioned light coconut taste. Overall, an okay rum based liqueur for cheap cocktails.


Posted 2 months ago by Rudy from Netherlands with 6 ratings

Put it in hot cacao for a nice liquid bounty, best use for it!


Posted 2 months ago by Jake1799 from Canada with 12 ratings

We often go through a bottle or 2 making summer cocktails, its by no means a sipper but enjoyable in the right drink