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4 Seacrets Distilling Company Spiced ratings

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Absolutely as worthy as any sipping rum I've had. Sweet, smooth, the spices taste real, not chemically produced. Amaz8ng with a good Cuban cigar. Cheers.

Figured I would try a fairly local rum, so figured Seacret is pretty local. Very highly spiced. Strong nutmeg, clove and cinnamon. Probably makes a great spiced rum and Coke.


I was in Ocean City MD last weekend which is the location of the distillery....stopped at a liquor store just to grab a bottle of something for drinking around the camp fire and decided to take a chance on the local fair. Bottle is very cool...the label is actually embossed and not just a glued on paper label. Price was good...the same as I pay for Kraken or Captain Morgan Back. This stuff is amazing. It's one of the ONLY liqueurs I can actually sip and drink straight. And it makes an AMAZING in Dark and Stormy. I was disappointed to learn it's a limited geographical release but that disappointment gave way to sheer happiness when I got home and found out that the semi-local store in MD not far from me carries it. And on an unrelated note...the Seacrets Ruby Red Grapefruit Vodka is pretty killer too. I'll never buy another brand of spiced rum again unless I'm desperate and in an area that doesn't carry it.

I do still like my Kraken though...don't get me wrong. But this is the new Kraken in my house.

Wow, interesting. Sweet but much less heavy than “the K”and Jonahs Curse (my favorite until now). Great on the rocks, probably pretty good as a mixer. The lightness reveals the good spice. There is a spice i cant name (maybe clove because it reminds me of Christmas). That said,the lightness makes it better for summer on the rocks. Good value so this may be my new spice rum (except Cruzan 8 which I can no longer get)