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RL Seale Old Brigand rum

RL Seale Old Brigand

Barbados | Gold

6.3/10 (7 ratings)
Tasty, but not quite great


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7 RL Seale Old Brigand ratings

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Posted almost 3 years ago by Ari from Barbados with 15 ratings

This rum is the corolla of rums here in Barbados. Abundant, affordable and the value stays for years. When you want a $5 rum and coke in Barbados make sure the bartender pours this and not eclipse. This rum isn't good enough, its good and there is more than enough! It is unfortunate Bacardi Gold was on the bar, Michael.


Posted 8 months ago by vomi1011 from Germany with 220 ratings

Foursquare 5y old rum.
I was surprised by this rum. I expected a young and harsh rum. I mean Foursquare can make rum, not question about that, I enjoyed also the 8y old and the XO. But I don't get much from the label and thought that's a usual alcohol for mixing. But I got a good natural and mild rum, with nice flavours.
It's not complex, don't expect too much.
The flavours are not very intensive, but when you are an natural rum lover try this one.
You get good value for the price. It's in some ways similar to CDI West Indies.

Smell: vanilla, caramel, citrus, white oak
Taste: vanilla, citrus, oak (slightly bitter), some fruits (slightly orange) in the background, light spicy
Finish: short, slightly spice

Sweetness: 1.5/5
Fruit: 2/5
Spice: 2/5
Mildness: 3.5/5
Value (20€): 2/5


Posted over 1 year ago by Ken from United States with 71 ratings

RL Seale/Foursquare continues to come up with consistently excellent rums, Old Brigand being pretty good. Unfortunately there are better rums in their stable which provide better satisfaction at the same price point


Posted over 1 year ago by Jim_Arnold from Canada with 2 ratings

Better than stock rum. Good with coke and ice and a squeeze of lime


Posted almost 2 years ago by Örjan from Sweden with 60 ratings

Figs and coconut on the nose with flavors of cinnamon, raisins, and orange, and with a good bite of alcohol


Posted over 2 years ago by B.P.O. from Netherlands with 53 ratings

Though only 43% it has a very O.P. taste.
Smell is slight of Tabacco and caramelised onions. Crazy I know!

All up.... mix it with cola


Posted almost 3 years ago by Michael Huff from United States with 100 ratings

Ew. Was on bar with a bacardi gold. Do not recommend.