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9 Bacardi Consuelo Estate single cane ratings

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I absolutely agree with Joola69 . " very strong alcohol smell and a nasty taste to it and absolutely no depth at all. Plus you get a very harsh burn at the end" .
Nothing else to say.

A normal standard ron from the spanish school. I like the concept of the single cane thinking.

As the Bacardi family is, nothing special, for a broad market share.
It is not expensive, it taste as it should for the masses.
I prefer something more different.
Light in the nose, thin in the mouth and a bit sweet, a bit alcohol, not lasting long.

The bad - it’s a little light on colour and flavour, but
The good - it is very smooth with only a wonderfully clean rum after flavour

An enjoyable and refreshing rum on the rocks. If you prefer mixed - this would probably be very mild tasting and you’d miss the wonderful rum taste

Ok rom til prisen. betalte kun 200 kr. i aal.
let drikkelig, men vil være super til cola.

My wife brought this back for me from her trip to Norway, it was purchased at the duty free in the London airport.
What is nice is it is not excessively sweet. It is nice to sip but does not have a very complex flavour not a lot of depth. It has a slight lingering burn at the end. It is enjoyable
If I wanted all my rum to taste the same I wouldn’t have a collection of over 35 bottles on the shelf.
I love rum period all kinds and all flavours and all price points. It’s my mood which sways which bottles makes it in my hand for a drink.
And this will have a place on the shelf as well.

Bought a bottle of Single Cane Estate Consuelo rum from the tax free store on my last trip. This is a tax free only rum from Bacardi. Very presentable packaging, nice bottle, beautiful red label, so all in all the marketing team has done a tremendous job. Unfortunately the rum itself has a very strong alcohol smell and a nasty taste to it and absolutely no depth at all. Plus you get a very harsh burn at the end. Such a big disappointment.

Overal a clean rum with a sweet taste notes of oaky vanilla but a tad on the sharp side. Bought this at schiphol airport for a reasonable €33 for 1 litre.


Rom gold, in care se simte intai aroma si gustul alcoolului, dupa care discret sesizezi nuante de vanilie si fructe.