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Medium abelha gold rum

Abelha Gold is an organic cachaca produced in Bahia, Brazil. It is distilled in small batches using copper stills and then aged for 3 years in barrels made of the Brazillian garapeira wood.

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The sugar cane for Abelha is organic and fresh. It is processed the same day it is harvested, and then aged in barrels for 3 years. When you pour this beautiful golden liquid into your glass and drink it right away you'll get lots of alcohol, some vegetality and not much else. But if you let it breathe in your glass for 5-10 minutes you'll discover a velvety, smooth, luxurious elixir which tastes like Summer. Freshly cut grass, creamy butter, peppery spice and a bit of oak. Really delicious...and addictive. Straight up works best for this one.

This is a very good cachaca, and it´s not over filtered to kill the flavors and transform it into`s smooth, creamy, buttery, earthy and a bit grassy and so yummy!

Robust body, great after-taste.