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Emperor Sherry Casks Finish rum

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21 Emperor Sherry Casks Finish ratings

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Posted over 1 year ago by Javaznenevim from Slovakia with 52 ratings

Its really funny to read reviews here which says, it taste like "cherry". No, it doesnt. If you write THIS taste like cherry and its sweet, then you didnt drink this. This is sherry no cherry. Sherry is type of wine.

This actually tastes more like a brandy. If you know how Ararat 10yo or Metaxa 12* tastes, then this is pretty close to it. Sherry taste is very intesive in this rum, especialy in the aftertaste. If you like dry rums and brandy, this one is recommended for you. If you dont, then stay as far away as you can.

Posted over 1 year ago by Kubit from Czech Republic with 32 ratings

Za mě celkem překvapení, vůně chuť nasládlost na mě docela zafungovala, rum mi sice přijde konzistencí řidší než ostatní rumy, ale i tak příjemné překvapení, zajímavej rum.

Posted about 2 months ago by miRcea SAVA from Romania with 16 ratings

An young rum. Even the colour is light amber.
But... is very interesting! Strong almond flavour. Smells and taste is like a visit in a bakery.
Strong personality!

Posted 3 months ago by Rinushorn (PREMIUM) from France with 60 ratings

J'aime beaucoup ce rhum fini en fût de sherry.
Ça lui apporte un côté gourmand et en même temps garde une fraîcheur du jus de canne Mauricien.

Posted 5 months ago by Stevie WOnder from Canada with 1 rating

This is a sherry cask finish but it feels like there were some addition to it. It’s a bit sugary and the sherry is too much in your face. Still, I quite enjoy it but it lacks debt and is more in your face than any other thing. I sip all my rums neat so no mixing for me.

Posted 10 months ago by panki from Czech Republic with 12 ratings

Tenhle rum mě moc nenadchl. Možná to je tím, že je namíchán z agricolu, ale přišel mi takový řídký a dost lihový. Hezká lahev to bohužel nezachrání.

Posted 12 months ago by Christian from Germany with 2 ratings

Dieser Rum hat einen schönen fruchtigen Geschmack. Ein Rum für jeden Tag.

Posted about 1 year ago by kmpiast from Poland with 41 ratings

Sometimes I pull the trigger to get some new rum that I have not tasted before, and unfortunately with emperor sherry all I can say is that was a bad investment. It pretends to have some rich flavour but at the same time it doesnt, I would say it is shallow and blank, sweet, and has nothing to persuade me for future come back.

Posted about 1 year ago by christiania from Denmark with 1 rating

Ok rum. Tastes fine but is not the best. Need storage.

Posted over 1 year ago by Zumzum from Czech Republic with 36 ratings

Cekal jsem trochu vic, ton po sherry tam je ale za tu cenu mam lepsi adepty..

Posted over 1 year ago by Joola69 from United States with 2555 ratings

Bought a bottle of the Emperor Sherry Finish while vacationing at Martinique. Very nice old school bottle and label design. Very dry Rhum notes followed by grass, flowers and way too much sherry flavors to your nose and palate. Strong burn at the end.

Posted over 1 year ago by shaacul from Czech Republic with 78 ratings

Tento rum je výrazně originální, ať místem vzniku, barvou, ale především vůní a chutí. To že rum zrál v sudech po sherry se výrazně podepsalo na ovocné vůni a chuti připomínající spíž kvalitní vinný destilát než typickou chuť a vůni rumu. Pro mě netypické ale dobré.

Posted almost 2 years ago by Michal Micko (PREMIUM) from Czech Republic with 251 ratings

Good aroma, ballanced taste, not so sweet as you could expect. Long aftertaste with again sherry tones. Better after some breathing...

Posted about 2 years ago by filovo from Czech Republic with 172 ratings

velmi výrazná vůně scherry,
chuť příjemně vyvážená a balancovaná
ovocná, s velmi výraznou chutí po scherry.

Určitě doporučuji

Posted about 2 years ago by Sylvain Lussier from Canada with 44 ratings

Ce rhum aurait pu être original avec un goût moins marqué sur la cerise, doit se boire avec de la glace pour diminuer l'intensité. Un verre par semaine pas plus...

Posted about 2 years ago by Frederick Lussier from Canada with 121 ratings

Rhum avec nez assez léger et peu complexe. Très aromatique sur le sirop de cerise qui tombe sur le coeur après 1 verre.. Rhum vraiment unique, mais trop atypique pour mon goût.

Posted over 2 years ago by Petr Muzika from Czech Republic with 11 ratings

Rum s krásnou višňovou vůní, není tak sladký jako např. Don Papa, ten je v tomto dalko více výrazný. Tento rum je dobré nechat chvilku rozležet, uvolní více vůni i chuť. Chuť je jemnější a dobře se pije

Posted over 2 years ago by Qui ntin Vincent from France with 21 ratings

Mélange de rhums agricoles et de rhums de mélasse vieillis entre 5 et 12 ans dans des fûts de chêne ayant contenu du bourbon, et affinés ensuite dans des fûts ayant contenu du Xeres (Sherry en Anglais).
Au nez, on décèle des notes de fruits rouges et de fleurs que l'on retrouve en bouche.
Ce rhum est très doux, très rond en bouche. Les saveurs très agréables prennent largement le dessus sur l'alcool, très peu ressenti.
Un excellent rhum, qui se boit très facilement. Très doux et très parfumé sans être trop sucré ou écoeurant pour autant, un bel équilibre est conservé!
Une vraie gourmandise à découvrir!!!

Posted almost 3 years ago by Tinyhunter from Switzerland with 26 ratings

Lovely cherry flavor, soft ending and a lovely flavor

Posted almost 3 years ago by Ben from Canada with 58 ratings

Candy like rum. Nose is sweet , a little syrupy, added sugar off course. Butt why not ?? it's good.

Posted almost 3 years ago by Jonathan Quintal from Canada with 43 ratings

Very fruity and sweet cherry task
Hard to stop after 1 shot