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If you're used to molasses-based rum, you may find this stuff, which has zero molasses, shockingly offensive. The first time I tasted it I threw up a hairball. There is no amount of lime, sugar or mixer which can improve the flavor. It's unaged liquid grass, after all. You know, like what cows chew on all day. A lot of folks love unaged agricole rum but when it comes to this stuff, I have no love to give.

This is wicked stuff - smells like wet cut grass, tastes like battery acid, but I suppose if you're French and this is what you grew up with...
I once tried making rum with a homemade still. It tasted just like this, I threw it out, I thought it was contaminated.

I tried this as part of a “French” tasting flight, and I couldn’t get past the burn to really appreciate the flavors. It’s definitely different from what I usually drink, so I feel like I want to give this type another shot at some point, but I just won’t try this one again (unless it’s maybe used as a mixer).

but, as it turns out, I can't stand agricole! I feel like the pungent grassiness is exactly what they're going for, but combined with the hot and extremely oily prune flavors that come across the mouth, this just is not a pleasant drink for me! I really don't want to rate this down with Captain Morgan because the difference in quality is night and day, but in terms of overall enjoyment, I think it's, unfortunately, an apt comparison.

Avec une dominante de canne ce rhum tout en douceur est une reussite.note 7.4.pour autant c est ds le viellissement que la distillerie fait la difference avec les autres.

Great grassy agricole, goes well in a daiquiri with Ango 7

This is not a as over powering as most agricoles are.

Visited Martinique over the Holidays. Tried a bottle of La Favorite Blanc Coeur de Canne Rhum. Pretty nice and unique bottle and label design. Surprisingly dry Rhum Agricole flavors complemented with glue and rubber plus pure alcohol to your nose and palate. Strong and nasty burn at the end. Rhum Agricole lovers can add 2 points. This is a mixer rum by all counts.


I bought this to compare to my first artisan cachaca (see my review on Novo Fogo Silver for comparisons) and also to find out how in hell the aroma of molasses comes through on rums distilled only from sugar cane juice. The aroma of molasses on this one is extremely faint and is outweighed by the floral and grassy tones. The taste has no trace of molasses at all, but still has floral and grassy notes. All I can say is that aromas of molasses may be a by-product of distilling sugar cane juice and varies in degree by brands.

Don't even think of using this to sip neat. It was meant for Ti Punch, like the kind that I downed multiple shots of on a party boat in Guadeloupe way back in 1989. If anything, this rhum will bring back some memories. As for Ti Punch, it is the only way to disguise the flavor of this rhum, which is equal parts rhum agricole blanc, lime juice, and simple syrup. The Brazilian caipirinha made from cachaca is similar except that it requires ice and Ti Punch does not. All this rhum was made for is a penalty free drunk by downing shots. If it were more readily available, then the Captain Morgan/Bacardi college crowd would gladly jump ship for this one. For those that hate added sugar, this one is for you!

Rhum blanc agricole de Martinique, ce rhum blanc titre habituellement 50°.
Design : basique pour ne pas dire quelconque.
Nez : très parfumé, fruité, engageant.
Goût : en attaque, on sent les 50° puis on retrouve le fruité et la canne.
Finale, longue, goût de canne.
Bon rhum, parfait pour les ti punchs ou les planteurs.

Classic white agricole with fresshness and fruityness. Fine for Ti Punch

I bought this bottle 2 years ago opened and I didn't like the taste at all. one year after i wanted to drink something din't find anything to drink so I made another drink of this and i disliked it once again. I have drank many drinks in my life Love a drink not too sweet not to sour . usually I drink wine or champagne but sometimes like a nice drink on the rocks. anyways today i found this bottle again resting in my bar and i decided to give it another chance but before i decided to google the bottle taste finding why i didn't like this flavor before not because it is a horrible taste like as i Thought no i just didn't understand this rum finding out have a unique grassy taste i was able to understand what i did wrong treating this rhum as the typical rhum mixing it up with the common things you mix rhums with. so that was my mistake now i can say that understanding the taste i have made a delicious drink for all you to enjoy whoever come here trying to figure this rhum out... RECIPE 2 parts of Canne Rhum 1 part of LLord's watermelon lip, 1 part of triple sec liqueur , 1 whole fresh lemon juice and half fresh lime delicious have that fresh taste you want not too sweet not too sour. enjoy

A good agricole white rum, you can still taste the sugarcane. Nice floral notes.
My favorite for Ti'punch cocktail

Rhum blanc assez fruité, sucré, et agréable en bouche. Un peu de sucre mais pas trop et du citron vert permettent d'obtenir le ti'punch parfait. Les notations aussi basses trouvées plus bas sont ahurissantes.

I don't understand the low ratings some have given. This is agricole rum for goodness sake. It's not going to be all sweet and nice. It's going to have some grassiness to it along with the sugar cane flavor. This is actually a quite decent agricole rum. Admittedly the aroma is not the best...kinda funky if you ask me, but it has an outstanding flavor that lends itself well to mixed drinks. It is not a sipping rum by any stretch of the imagination but as a mixer it is quite good. The basic agricole grassiness counterbalances the fruitiness of most boat drinks giving the cocktail a nice edge. Definitely one to have on one's shelf. Recommended.

Rhum plutôt agréable en bouche.Assez fruité. Je recommande en ti punch.

Rhum gras, très parfumé, fruit exotique...long en bouche, à déguster straight ou en cocktail. Un rhum à découvrir...