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Kraken Black Spiced rum

Kraken Black Spiced

Trinidad and Tobago | Spiced

Kraken Black Spiced Rum was first introduced by Proximo Spirits in 2010 . The dark rum is infused with 11 “secret” spices, caramel and other natural flavors.

The rum gets its name after the mythical sea creature 'The Kraken'. As legend has it, this terrifying creature attacked ships at sea during the 18th and 19th centuries - possibly for all the rum on board.

6.2/10 (1282 ratings)
Tasty, but not quite great


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1282 Kraken Black Spiced ratings

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Posted over 5 years ago by Juno from United States with 51 ratings

I'll start off by saying I'm not a fan of spiced rum. The Kraken is a dull rum, with spices added to boast the profile. Unless you are dressing up for a party as a pirate, and you choose to use this as an accessory, not sure why any rum drinker would select this.

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Posted over 1 year ago by PacificSpice from United States with 16 ratings

Great presentation with the bottle but that doesn't men's much in a tasting. It has a good amount of spice. It's not much of a siping rum so I wouldn't really buy it again.

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Posted over 1 year ago by Havanafan from Gibraltar with 17 ratings

I first tasted it when visiting a friend in the UK. The first thing that surprised me was the price...23£ for a rum that I have never heard of before. Ok...the taste...well, for that price, I was expecting something with a strong and interesting flavor, but disappointment came quick. It's just dull. There's a slight sense of sweetness to it, but it's too strong, to enjoy it. Not for me, and surely not going to buy again. At that price, there are far better rums.

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Posted over 1 year ago by Akis from Greece with 32 ratings

Strong. Taste of alcohol. Amareto, almond and vanilla.

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Posted over 1 year ago by Pirateforlife from United Kingdom with 17 ratings

Kraken is light and dark. can stay in the abyss. not my liking at all

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Posted over 1 year ago by Jaf from Czech Republic with 11 ratings

Very good taste, sweeter.
Dark as pirate's soul itself.

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Posted over 1 year ago by Sha Lin from New Zealand with 2 ratings

There is not a lot of choice in the liquor stores of Dunedin NZ so this rum is the the fall back go to when nothing else amazing is available

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Posted over 1 year ago by Nursey from United Kingdom with 2 ratings

One of my favourite rums. Great with ginger beer and lime.

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Posted over 1 year ago by DarylS from United States with 2 ratings

I prefer Blackheart or sailors, but the Kraken is a nice alternative!

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Posted over 1 year ago by Gino from Netherlands with 3 ratings

Deze rum is lekker zacht en heerlijk om ongemixt te drinken. Echt een aanrader!

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Posted over 1 year ago by JOE Fagiano from Italy with 15 ratings

The color is dark amber,
The first flavour on the nose is alcohl, after cinnamon and other spices.
In the mouth sweet and spice, vanish fast an the alcohl leave some mark in the tongue. Is not possible consider this spirits as a rum, sorry